The best of times

In some ways, we’ve never had it so good.

13 Consecutive victories over its SEC East rivals have been scored by Georgia after the Bulldogs beat Kentucky 34-17 on Saturday to secure a spot in the SEC Championship Game on Dec. 1. Georgia had never swept its SEC East opponents in any of the first 25 seasons after the conference divided into divisions in 1992, but now has done so for two years in a row.

Sure, you can say the East is down, but at least Georgia is taking full advantage of that these days.



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36 responses to “The best of times

  1. Dawg1

    No one diminished UF or UTs great seasons when UGA was down. Us beating them is part of them being “down.”

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    • Macallanlover

      True, they are down relative to us, and that is all that matters. Always laugh when they say you haven’t beaten a rated team, when they were rated until we kicked their butt. Or, you beat no one with a winning record when they ended 6-6 because we beat them. Someone will always find a way to marginalize your accomplishments if they have an agenda.

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  2. Jim

    Kind of nice to finally take advantage of the east being down instead of watching mediocre Florida or mizzou teams win the division


  3. DB

    Great point that had not occurred to me. It sure is nice to win the East without having to have UF lose more division games to do it(02,03,05).


  4. Salty Dawg

    Thank you, Kirby!


  5. Boz

    haven’t we won every game against a diction for by at least 2 scores? Has any game been close?


    • Biggus Rickus

      Well, the one that started the streak was the 27-24 Kentucky game in 2016, but yes, the ones that actually matter in pointing out the streak haven’t been closer than 14.

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  6. On top of that, our closest victory in the East over the past two years was our 14 point win at Mizzou this year. In other words, all 13 wins have been by two scores or greater, with an average margin of victory somewhere in the mid 20’s I’d guess.

    Hell, some people complained when we only beat UF by 19 and UT by 26. Back when I was at UGA, losing to UF by 19 would almost be cause for celebration.


  7. Illini84

    Aw, we suck, Cheney sucks,the bathrooms suck and nothing matters if we aren’t NUMBER ONE!!!

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  8. This. The East was down in 2013 and 2014 and we spit the bit. 2013 you could at least point to injuries and to a really good Mizzou team. 2014 was just an epic choke job.


  9. Don’t you realize the East is always down when UGA wins it? If you don’g believe it ask the talking heads.

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  10. Busta

    The West is worst (this season) and every team we beat is indeed down…beat down by the Dawgs

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  11. Whiskeydawg

    I can point to these two past seasons, the recruitment, and the general excitement with the fan base but how I knew Georgia was on to something special; my brother stopped wearing his Tennessee gear when coming over to the house and my sister’s husband stopped wearing his Gator crap. Now, do I wear any Dawg gear when going to their homes? No, I’m respectful, I park my red and black pickup right in front of their damn houses.


  12. tbia

    Florida won 26 in a row from 92-97. Thats one I want to break.


  13. Bob

    I don’t think there is any doubt that the SEC East has been down for the past decade or so. But right now, head to head, the SEC East is up 6-5. There are three remaining crossover games. Georgia-Auburn, Vandy-Ole Miss and Arkansas-Mizzou. I think the the SEC East has a better than even shot at least finishing tied for the first time in years. Probably a combination of the West getting weaker in the shaddow of Bama and the SEC improvement this year with UF and UK as well as a better than their record Mizzou.

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    • stoopnagle

      One day I’ll learn to read all the comments before posting.


    • Macallanlover

      Even in good years, we are handicapped in this comparison by the historically weak Vandy and Kentucky programs. But at the top, the East and West is virtually deadlocked (even or 1 down maybe?) in the SECCG. In most other conference comparisons it is only the Champions’ performance in postseason, and the bowl records of the better teams. Bowl records are a poor barometer, imo, as matchups aren’t made for what delivers the best game, rather for best attendance to the market where the bowl is held. Add to that now when some players either don’t play, or do so to avoid injury.

      Bottomline, no SEC champ has to back up to the “respect line”, regardless of which division they come from.


  14. DawgByte

    Is the East really down? Eastern teams are one up this year on their Western Conference foes in head-to-head match-ups and for a while it looked like Florida was on the rebound. They made it into the Top 10 along with Kentucky the following week.

    Now Georgia’s record against the West is not quite as dominant as the East and we have a very tough foe coming into town this weekend that would like nothing more than to dash our Playoff hopes.

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  15. Look at the SEC east teams potential starting lineups for next year (graduation/early exit/ incoming recruits), you’ll find we will be up, the east will be down and that cycle will continue for quite a while…..”The Process”, coming to a college campus near you! GO DAWGS!


  16. TMC DAWG

    The east may be down. But don’t you think we’re gaining on Bama?


  17. stoopnagle

    Right now, the East is 6-5 vs the West and it looks pretty good for the East to win the remaining three inter-divisional games: our game this weekend, Arkansas @ Mizzou in 2 weeks, and Ole Miss at Vandy next week. If the East goes 9-5 vs the West and is the home of the reigning SEC champ, which division is down?


  18. East-West is two different conferences, IMO. I pull for East teams not named Florida when they play a Western opponent. I sort of loathe the SEC West—it’s like some Finebaum-Freeze-Cam-Saban corruption orgy.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “I pull for East teams not named Florida when they play a Western opponent.”

      I’m in the opposite camp Tony. I root for east teams to loose so the top Dawg can further separate from the pack. I want that division title securely in hand by Columbus Day!


  19. UGA '97

    Yep like taking candy from a defensive-coordinator-as-a-head-coach-baby


  20. Spike

    Just keep beating FU.. and beating them so more…


  21. Hal Welch

    Is the east really down? Pretty decent record versus the west and 3 teams ranked in the top ten at one point until we played one another… I’m not sure the east is down just because the traditional powers aren’t up… here’s looking at you UT.


  22. ChiliDawg

    I would actually argue the East is better this year than it has been in years. Four out of seven teams have been ranked in the top 25 at some point, three have been in the top 10, I think the East is winning the cross-division match-ups on the season, and there’s a chance every team in the division will be bowl eligible. What other division can say that?


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