“Time of possession, as long as you’re scoring points, is not that big a factor.”

Want a weird stat?  Raise your hand if you knew this:

With the Georgia-Auburn rivalry, the team with the highest time of possession is 9-0 this decade, which includes their splitting of two meetings last year.

If that holds up, it’s probably not good news for Gus’ team.

Malzahn’s tempo-oriented Tigers are a wretched 124th nationally with an average possession time of 26 minutes and 31 seconds per game. Auburn had the ball for less than 26 minutes in its 30-24 home loss to Tennessee on Oct. 13 and less than 25 minutes in its 22-21 home loss to LSU on Sept. 15.

In Auburn’s 23-9 loss at Mississippi State on Oct. 6, the Tigers had an embarrassing 18:07 in possession time.

Even in last Saturday’s 28-24 win over Texas A&M, Auburn had the ball for 21:19 but awoke from six consecutive three-and-outs with two late touchdown drives engineered by junior quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

A large part of the reason for that is how poor Auburn’s rushing game has been this season.  Take out Alabama State, and the Tigers are 13th in the conference in average yards per carry.  (That’s even with the benefit of having faced Ole Miss.)  Against D-1 opponents, Georgia averages two yards more per rush than does Auburn.

Georgia, in case you were wondering (and, given those rushing stats, you probably weren’t), sits 75 spots higher than Auburn in time of possession.  I suspect it’s going to be a bigger factor than Gus is hoping it will be.



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16 responses to ““Time of possession, as long as you’re scoring points, is not that big a factor.”

  1. sniffer

    Two things not happening this week. WarDEagle showing up here and Auburn winning Saturday night.
    So, Gus gets the kiss of death from his AD this week and we’re left to wonder when the firing happens. I say it’s after the bowl game if they lose. The odor of defeat will be so pungent after losses to Georgia and Alabama that another loss will play the AD’s hand. IMO.

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    • Got Cowdog

      So you’re saying the pungent smell of defeat smells like a blazing dumpster full of hundred dollar bills?


      • Texas Dawg

        It’s going to be hard for them to continue to pay their recruits if they have to dig deep into that slush fund to buy out The Gus Bus.


      • sniffer

        I’m saying that three more losses with two to their most hated rivals will, I believe, be too much. A good many influential supporters have had enough. It sounds like Gus needs to beat us and keep Bama close (ha!) to get to next year. Add a bowl loss to bad defeats to UGA and UA and he’s toast. That AD is there to do the bidding of the Montgomerys, Gorries, Harberts, Raines, et al.


        • Macallanlover

          Doubt Gus is let go this season, very slim chance. And I am OK with that, really like what has happened to the 2 programs since he has been on The Plains. The best part of AU continuing to suck this year will be its impact on recruiting and attracting top transfer players, they have a lot of spots that need improvement going into the next 2 years.


    • The other Doug

      I think the fans will be screaming for his head, but the AD can’t / won’t pay the buyout.

      Get the popcorn!


    • Russ

      Well, you’re already wrong on the first part. WarD Eagle was here yesterday. But you’re right about the second part. We are going to strip the Gus Bus and leave it burning on the side of the road.


    • Debby Balcer

      He posted yesterday.


  2. 81Dog


    I don’t care if they fire Gus or not, we seem to be doing fine against him. On the other hand, their AD (and ours, if he agrees) can walk until his hat floats if he thinks we should help them rearrange their schedule AGAIN. Nothing in that for us, and I’m sure they’d never do that for us. Let them move Alabama to labor day weekend. We have our own row to how.

    I don’t care for Auburn.


  3. Down island way

    The tigles getting credit for last weeks W, is more A&M’s failure. Saturday will be won at the line of scrimmage my friends, Sam and the boys have shown great fortitude towards Dawgrading. Reality is this……aubern sux yesterday, today, tomorrow and FOREVER! ……….GOOOOOOO DAAWWWWGS! SIC EM, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF,WOOF!


  4. AusDawg85

    TOP = WIN. I think that was a formula in a logic class I took (and never understood).


    • Macallanlover

      Haven’t studied it enough but suspect that truism holds more water in the SEC and Big 14 than the conferences that run spread offenses. I also feel getting 7 quickly is rarely a bad thing.


    • Clayton Davis

      It matters a lot less when one offense is really explosive. I mean, look at the 2018 Rose Bowl.


  5. UGA '97

    Bobo hears no such things. Chaney will run the damn ball.