Everybody throws at Deandre Baker.


I hope Tyson Campbell takes it personally, though.


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10 responses to “Everybody throws at Deandre Baker.

  1. Randall Adams

    He may be the best defensive back we have had since Champ… Completely different type of back – but just rock solid



    I hope that Tyson is ready. Get your head around son, Look for them to challenge him early and often. Pass rush is a must


  3. Gurkha Dawg

    Since most of our games have been one sided this year, I have focused on Baker on many defensive plays, There is about 2 inches of space between him and the receiver on most plays. I can’t believe anyone ever throws in his direction.


  4. Greg

    Thinks Campbell will be a great one barring injury. Hopes he has learned to play the ball & not the receiver. That interference call last game looked horrific, needs to turn & look for it (ball). The good news is, the receiver was covered. Haven’t seen a broken coverage in a while. Glad Kirby and staff is leaving him in there, only way he will get better. The future is very bright in the secondary imo, they are getting better.


    • TXBaller

      Excluding Campbell (for now), our backend is rock solid….best I can remember. Arguably, the best Tua will see…regardless.
      Secondarily, our rush defense allowing 134/game and last years Sr laden D line/LBs allowed 126/game. And 2018 squad only getting better week by week.
      Lastly, give me (all day) our offensive specialists and OL 2018 (38 pp/gm) v 2017 (35 pp/gm).
      Point – Dawgs on paper might be better than last year.
      Dont be shocked come Dec. 1…..


  5. Rampdawg

    Bruce Thornton was a running back that was put in a DB role as a Sophomore at UGA. He was not very good his 1st yr. @ DB, but his Jr. Yr. was lots better, and his Sr. yr. he was our best DB.
    Ty Campbell is a natural DB. He has had some bad moments as a freshman but he is going to be an All SEC DB for us.
    If he stays injury free of course.


    • Macallanlover

      I think you are right, but his Baptism under fire has been painful on occasions. I do believe at this point he should have learned to turn to the ball when a receiver’s hands come up. It doesn’t matter how good his coverage was, that penalty gets called every time when you are close to the receiver. Does the hard part well, but forgets DB Training 101. Come on coaches!


  6. DawgFlan

    Tyson is doing fine, and will get better. Teams have to throw it somewhere. Yes he has to learn to play the ball, but has the athleticism and football IQ.


  7. Upstate SC Dawg

    Auburn got one completion on Baker with Slayton on a drag route. I almost couldn’t believe he got beat. He’s gonna be a rich man in 6 months.


  8. CB

    Tyson can hit the punt team for the rest of the year and try to earn his spot back in the Spring. There’s a new sheriff deputy in town and his name is Stokes.