They really **are** socialists.

Check out one of the NCAA’s final arguments in Alston.

They are literally arguing there that conference competition would be bad for college sports.

Funny how that doesn’t seem to apply to broadcast contract negotiations…


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10 responses to “They really **are** socialists.

  1. sniffer

    “Socialist”? Really? That’s why we can’t have nice things around here…


  2. Aj

    Bitch ass Keynsians


  3. Anonymous

    Hmmmmm, not once did I see them advocate for the government ownership of the means of production. The proper term here is “cartel”.


    • Hmmm… and here I thought public universities were state-owned institutions.

      Thanks for straightening me out.

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      • Anonymous

        That is a really lame retort, dude. The NCAA isn’t a “Public University”. Considering that the positions being argued are NCAA wide rules vs. per-Conference rules, the NCAA is even less of “Pubic University” than the individual Conferences are since it is another layer of abstraction over the constituent Institutions. Each Conference is a cartel. The NCAA is a meta-cartel.

        inb4 some dumb remark like “So you are saying that some of the institutions represented by the NCAA are not Public Universities?”.


        • If you want to pretend the NCAA is an independent agent from the schools, knock yourself out, man.


          • Anonymous

            So pointing out that the NCAA and the Conferences are comprised by the same constituent institutions is pretending that the NCAA is independent of those those institutions? Weird. My point was that the economic principles are play here are related to socialism. This is directly analogous to industrial cartelization and old fashioned “Trust Busting”.


        • mp

          “Meta-cartel”. GTFOH with that gibberish.


        • CB

          Forget a about public or not public. They are in favor of suppressing market competition which is a socialist principle. It’s not that you’re wrong, but why would anyone get so up in arms about exactly which negative name is used to describe the NCAA?