Cognitive dissonance, SEC-style

As you watch this play unfold…

… just remember that Arky scored 31 points against Alabama, which happens to be the exact number of points ‘Bama has given up total in its four games since (including back-to-back shutouts of ranked opponents).

College football is weird, man.


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4 responses to “Cognitive dissonance, SEC-style

  1. 2675miller

    Similar to that is the play when one AU defender decleats his teammate knocking him out of the game after Fromm steps up in the pocket making both of them miss.


  2. UGA '97

    Similar Miss st yesterday who had several self inflicted wounds vs Bama, including a bad snap handout & fumbled punt catch, both which became turnovers. Add in the two flags that pulled the 2 TD passes that came off the board and the bs no review by SEC Bama homers on bamas fumble and the score is much different. We should have quite a fight with em.


  3. AusDawg85

    We could run that play on the goal line for a net improvement.


  4. Shewdawg

    Damn. Just “damn”….,