Got his number

So much for being an offensive genius.

Auburn finished the game with 274 yards, the 14th-worst offensive output in Malzahn’s 13 seasons as a college coach. Five of his 15 worst performances have come against Georgia.

More jolting? Auburn has been out-scored 123-3 in the five games against Georgia in the Peach State since 2011.  [Emphasis added.]

123-3 would make an excellent tag number for the Gus Bus, I think.


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  1. I think that must mean after the first quarter. But impressive nont

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  2. He does.


  3. WarD Eagle

    Howdy boys! Have you seen AU’s BB team? They’re looking pretty good.

    I stand by my prognostication that AU can stop you on third and inches, but 3rd & 30 is almost a guaranteed first down.

    I was by some of UGA’s foibles. The penalties, and some confusion on player participation seemed surprising this time of year.

    UGA put the hammer to them for 4 quarters and you could see the payoff at the end of the second quarter and throughout the second half. Fromm is talented, but even more, a gamer. The backs were awesome. I think two turning point plays were Hardman’s return to midfield (is he leaving soon I hope?) and Stidham’s terrible throw to the outlet screen.

    There’s always next year.


  4. Tronan

    Malzahn seems to have had a pretty good schtick in the early part of the decade. The competition caught up with him a while back, though. You can be a one-trick pony for a while but if you can’t adapt, you’re going to be left by the wayside.


    • Everyone runs some variant of Gus’s high school offense now. Defenses are built to stop it. The problem is when teams like Bama and UGA can take spread and pro-style concepts and blend them together with tremendous raw talent. That’s a witching brew that’s near impossible to stop.


    • Macallanlover

      He really doesn’t seem to care, I suppose with over $30MM in security for termination without cause he can be care-free. As a recent HS coach, why shouldn’t he be? All he needs to be concerned about are pictures of him with a small child that has no reason to be anywhere close to him, other that that, clear sailing to the Islands with umbrella drinks for life with his very own Waffle House. He has gamed the system better/quicker than anyone. Well done.


  5. J-DawG

    Gus cannot be a sustained success in the SEC. Kids today are not stupid. They want to play for someone who is real(Kirby), not a used car salesman like Gus. Top running backs will come to us, not him.


  6. Will Trane

    Why focus on Auburn.
    I was ticked off at Smart and Chaney in those last 4 minutes of the game.
    That was some of the dumbest play calling I have ever seen.
    A penalty give you first and goal on the 2.
    Then you run that bone head pass play where your frosh QB get pressured, and then he does that bone head high school sophomore move of turning his back to the line of scrimmage…go ahead keep doing that and you will get busted and sacked big time…or injured. Now the clock has is in slow motion and Auburn does not have to burn.
    For the one time that brain trust play calling of Chaney on the goal line may have been the deal to use. Just run the inside gaps…if you score, good, you have sent a message that you can take it on goal line situations. If you do not big freaking deal…you have shorten the game and forced Auburn to burn timeouts and you go for it on 4th tight to the line and do not make it you have forced Auburn to drive the entire field.
    No wonder even Dawgnation gave Smart and Chaney a poor grade on offensive play calling.
    Plus when you have a kicker like Blankenship, let him kick and add to his resume.
    What a freaking damn circus was that on that drive!!!


  7. Will Trane

    Remember this.
    The Vols beat Auburn on the plains.
    Then the Vols hammer UK at Neyland.
    Chaney and his offense have a ton of work ahead of them in remaining three games.
    Dawgs are a long way from being a playoff team.
    Those last 4 minutes hurt how coaches will look at the Dawgs.
    Can not defend that Smart.


  8. Cosimo Medici

    Good call but I think for the Gus Bus the plate should reverse order to read 3-123!

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    Looking at Fields on those pass attempts, it’s obvious he’s not readyyet On the goalline plays what happened to going over the top ala Hershel Walker?

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  10. Macallanlover

    What a waste of a good fake FG that we might need in a game that is not already put away. I heard KS’s rationale about 20 not being that different than 17 in a comeback situation but with 2 minutes to go? Really? Save it coach, and don’t be worried about a blocked FG changing that game. One out of 300 chance? Maybe? How many XP have we had blocked in your time at UGA? Go for the 1st down, or kick it. That play could be mighty useful in a goalline situation against Bama, well, not any more.


    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Kirby was worried about the kick being blocked or Auburn coming back while down three scores. I think he hates Auburn and wanted to make sure that everyone associated with Auburn knows that.


    • AusDawg85

      It could be a way to keep Bama honest in not blocking our FG attempts. 5 dimensional chess.

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    • Merk

      Maybe he was letting Hot Rod have some fun? God forbid someone have fun out there.