SEC Power Poll, Week Eleven


Just as a follow up to yesterday’s post about net yardage, nine conference teams are underwater in points differential in conference play, but only seven teams have losing records in conference play.

BREAKING:  Alabama and Georgia are good.

  1. Alabama.  It’s kind of amusing to listen to people who insist that Tua’s health makes the Tide vulnerable just as they’ve shut out two ranked opponents in their last two games.
  2. Georgia.  It’s kind of amusing to listen to people dump on Jim Chaney just as his offense gained more yards on Auburn’s defense than any other team the Tigers have faced this season.
  3. LSU.  Playing Arkansas is chicken soup for the SEC soul.  Chicken soup is good for a ‘Bama hangover.
  4. Mississippi State.  That defense is legit.  Too bad the offense is only averaging about ten points a game in conference play.
  5. Texas A&M.  4-3 in conference play, minus-9 in conference points differential is no way to go through life, son.
  6. Auburn.  The only reason they didn’t drop from last week’s rankings is because Kentucky crapped the bed worse than the Tigers did.
  7. Missouri.  It wasn’t pretty, but the last time I checked, a win over Vandy still counts as a conference win.
  8. Florida.  The Gators are going to win nine games in about the least impressive manner possible, aren’t they?
  9. South Carolina.  The dynamite didn’t go boom.
  10. Kentucky.  In answer to last week’s question, no, the ‘Cats aren’t a good enough team to deal with the aftermath of a disappointing loss.
  11. Tennessee.  If you’re a Vol, November is the best month.
  12. Vanderbilt.  Which doesn’t bode well if you’re a Commodore.
  13. Ole Miss.  They’re lucky to have Arkansas in the same division.
  14. Arkansas.  Two road games against conference opponents to finish out the season.  Yeah, that’s gonna go well.


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13 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Eleven

  1. Uglydawg.

    I’m bi-polar considering Chaney.
    While the “wear them down” plan worked so beautifully against the Barn (that running game in the second half was a thing to behold), Georgia left a heap of “style” points on the field..
    Last weeks quip about taking a delay of game penalty…followed by “I keed, I keed!…I think” should now be a sincere consideration. This game should have been a blow out.
    I really hope we get to flip Vandy and Tennessee soon.


  2. gastr1

    Re: our goal line problems. I’ve been watching other teams’ approaches. Haven’t seen any others bunch everyone together like we are, which allows the defense to essentially pile everyone together. Why don’t we have an end, or even run some of that jet sweep action with a WR so the defense at least has something else to worry about? Isn’t it obvious we need to spread them out more?


    • gastr1

      Watched more NFL 1-yard runs, They each had a FB or a TE lined up on the flank, behind the line.

      Can’t we maybe get one of our d linemen to be an FB there? Or even put Nauta in that position and give him the ball every now and then?

      Just want to see them fix this craziness.


      • Uglydawg.

        Keep Fromm in at QB and put Fields out there on the flank. Fields has the size, skills to be a threat as a receiver too…even if it’s just a short jump pass over the middle.


  3. Got Cowdog

    I didn’t get to see the second half due to what Mrs. Cowdog now refers to as “The Sangria Incident”, but they looked pretty good at the half to me. Got Sr. says UGA ran about 8 minutes off the clock in one drive and the Swift/Holyfield/Oline combination literally beat the Tigles into submission.

    Red zone issues? Those are disconcerting for sure. And trying the fake? Hell yes. Anything to rub Gus and his minion’s collective noses in it.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    South Carolina hasn’t been firing off any cannon shots lately, that’s for sure.


  5. ASEF

    Alabama and Georgia are going to end the season Top 4. And one of them will be left out. Ridiculous.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t want to “dump” on Chaney, as much as going on 3 years I’m still trying to figure him out. One part of him is like CMR – he solves one problem only to have a completely new one pop up. I.e. some of his problems are self-inflicted. And I’m not sure where Chaney would be without Fromm’s steadiness.

    Bottom line, Chaney arguably has more talent at this disposal than perhaps any OC in UGA history, and any other OC in cfb with the exception of bama. Should I be impressed when we overpower or out-talent opponents who have inferior talent? One could argue Chaney is the reason we didn’t win the natty in January. And I have the uneasy suspicion he might be the culprit that keeps us from winning a natty in the near future.

    At the end of the day we’re 9-1 and sec east winners. So I’ll put my concerns on the back burner and hope all goes well.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers New WR Corch

      I’ve been saying for 2+ years that Chaney will be the reason why we don’t win a national title. Everywhere where he’s been the primary playcaller (Not Tiller or Kiffin) his offenses have either been mediocre or outright terrible. Think Arkansas, Pitt, or 2016 here. 2018 here is like a mix of 2017 and 2016. But look what happened to Arkansas and Pitt after Chaney left, competent OCs (Dan Enos and Matt Canada) took those same offenses and QBs who were no good and turned them into top units in their leagues. Arkansas went from worst offense in the SEC to second best. Brandon Allen went from recruiting bust to All-SEC QB. At Pitt, it was an even better difference between Chaney and Canada. An offense ranked worse than Georgia’s 2015 offense became the HIGHEST SCORING OFFENSE IN THE ACC under Canada, with all the same players. They scored more than Clemson in 2016.

      Jim Chaney is not a good OC. He may be a good recruiter, but he’s crap on Saturday. His inability to fix the goal to go offense is yet more proof of that. Slamming Nick Chubb over and over into the middle of Bama’s line, right at Payne, for less than one yard per carry in the fourth quarter, completely abandoning the gameplan that gave us the lead, is proof that he’s not a good OC.

      Dan Enos is the QB coach at Alabama. Bring him to Georgia as the new OC and watch what he can do with Fromm and Fields both. Watch our offense be both what Kirby wants (wear them down with the run) AND explosive like Bama’s offense.


    • Mayor

      FWIW I agree with you Westy. We ran off CMR even though he was a good HC who averaged almost 10 wins per season because he wasn’t good enough to win national championships. Why can’t we run off an OC for the same reason?


  7. 69Dawg

    Georgia has been beating teams twice. We kill them and take away their hopes UF and UK and then they lose the next game because of their disappointment. I love it.


  8. Randall Adams

    You could see Kentucky’s offense getting ‘figured out’ and you could see with the right match ups that they would lose. I had them losing to Missouri and save an awful call in the end zone – I was right. And I think we popped the balloon from that group and it cost them big time against UT. I give the Cats all the credit in the world for their efforts this year, but the drop next year will be significant. Ton of Seniors gone and with a recruiting class that will ‘at best’ 4th or 5th in the East. I think they’ll fall back behind Georgia, UF, UT jr, USC jr, and Missouri and might drop behind Vanderbilt. Almost to the Penthouse and might find the outhouse in one year.

    The team that has underachieved is Mizzou. They had South Carolina beat in Columbia – played an awful 9 minute stretch during a pouring rain storm and blew that game. That team could easily be 8-2 with their only losses to Bama and the Dawgs.

    Noted that one of the Auburn players talked about ‘Karma’. He’s right. Scam Newton = bought and paid for NCS. Facemask in Murray’s face. 1st team still on the field throwing late against Georgia on the Plains last year… Karma is a beautiful thing.

    OK, I feel better now….