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Any way you roll the metric, it comes up two.

Here’s another follow up to my prior post about net yardage in conference play.

The order after them is a little different, but in any case, this shows again that Alabama and Georgia are sucking the statistical oxygen out of the room.



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“Don’t get me on politics.”

Mike Gundy may have been a man at 40, but at age 52, he just sounds like your average cranky Hannity caller.

Stick to sports, son.


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Getting by

So, how much is Georgia missing Chubb and Michel this season?

Statistically speaking, not much at all.

Throw in Swift’s receiving numbers through ten games — 21 catches, 204 yards and a touchdown — and it’s an even closer call, as Michel and Chubb combined last season for 13 catches, 126 yards and a touchdown.

Not too shabby, guys.


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Today, in empty threats

If you didn’t hear, Brett McMurphy returned to the Ohio State beat, this time with a messy story that, at its heart, is about Zach Smith being Zach Smith, i.e., an asshole.  In response, you could hear the howling from Columbus half a continent away.

But the topper was this:

Talk about your “go ahead and make my day, punk” moment there.  I’m sure there’s nothing McMurphy would like more than to have Urban Meyer undergo discovery, where he’d have to answer questions about Zach Smith (among other things) under oath.  Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.

I imagine this will be a topic Corch will try to ignore at his next presser.  Meanwhile, Zach Smith is the gift that keeps giving.


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