Getting by

So, how much is Georgia missing Chubb and Michel this season?

Statistically speaking, not much at all.

Throw in Swift’s receiving numbers through ten games — 21 catches, 204 yards and a touchdown — and it’s an even closer call, as Michel and Chubb combined last season for 13 catches, 126 yards and a touchdown.

Not too shabby, guys.



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  1. Debby Balcer

    Running back U!!


  2. Doubledawg09

    It looks to my eyes like the tailback rotation has settled in and if we keep with the comparison to last year:

    Chubb ’17 = Holyfield ’18; and
    Michel ’17 = Swift ’18

    While Herrien has run hard late in games and Cook has shown flashes, what we are missing is Cook filling in the Swift ’17 role. I think he could do it, at least receiving wise, but Cook hasn’t really had that opportunity yet. I’d like to see us continue to settle in to defined roles for the backs, emphasizing their individual strengths as the season progresses toward the showdown in the Benzo. Would love to see Cook get a good look against UMass. Good time to develop depth there. Also would love for the backups to get heavy work salting away a 4 touchdown lead against tech in the late 3rd quarter, but that’s looking less likely given Tech’s upward trajectory of late.

    Overall, I’m most encouraged by the development that it appears Chaney realized the strength of this team is to run first and often after the LSU debacle. This is good because I think we need a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses in the ground game heading into Atlanta. If the line keeps healing up and playing with a purpose, who knows, we might even have an Evander style puncher’s chance against Bama. A guy can dream, right?


    • James Stephenson

      You have to. Is UGA going to get clobbered by Bama, yeah probably. But hey, if you would have asked me the morning of 2012 I would have said the same thing. But we had a chance. But you never know.


      • Macallanlover

        We were 8 1/2 point underdogs in January, the early line I saw for the SECCG was 13 1/2. Not such long odds, although I expect the betting public to bet Bama heavy which will probably move the line north of 14 by gametime unless injuries before then changes perceptions. Moneyline could be close to 4 to 1, not a bad play either.
        Cook really needs to add some lbs if he is going to be a runner inside the tackles, imo. He is slippery as a minnow but his body just isn’t built for taking the pounding we expect from our backs. Really good kid, hope he finds a way or look for him to be used more like Hardeman. A healthy Zeus will be difficult to keep out of the primary rotation, just too early to know yet.


  3. whb209

    Do I miss them?
    Stat wise not so much, but in my heart I miss them greatly. Two GREAT DAWGS that came back, giving up millions of dollars, to prove that my team, their team… was as outstanding as they thought they were. They proved it.
    And they taught this years team how to be grown men…

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    • Sweet D

      Not for nothing but, while they may have given up millions, coming back earned them tens of millions. While certainly coming back for their senior years’ gave everybody the warm fuzzies, don’t think for a minute that improving their draft stock wasn’t part of the calculus. And it paid off handsomely in every way. Good for them and happy for everybody involved.


  4. Russ

    Not surprised, as I thought Swift and Holyfield were going to be solid. If Zeus wasn’t hurt, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the numbers were even a little better.

    Nick and Sony were team leaders in addition to great running backs. I think that’s where we miss them most.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree. Nick and Sony’s example continue to play a key part in Swift, Holyfield, and Herrien’s success. Looking forward to seeing Nick in Athens this weekend. Perhaps he can provide some tips on goal line offense.:-)

      Pay it forward.


  5. Matthew McKinney


  6. AusDawg85

    Look, Jim. I know your stats are all good and all. Just like last year. BUT YOU’RE STILL A MTHER FING IDIOT ON THE GOAL LINE!!! –Kirby Smart


  7. waltondawg

    the analogy doesn’t account for what Swift & Holyfield did LAST year. Yes point made that Swift and Holyfield have similar numbers comparing Sony and Chubb last year but the difference is we had 4 backs last year. What do those numbers look like when you add in Swift and Holyfield from last year? Pretty sure a much greater gap and therein is the difference between the teams offensively speaking.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    If Sam Pittman ever tries to leave, then Jimmy Williamson’s boys need to lock him up until he changes his mind.

    Or whoever is running the UGA cop shop now that Jimmy’s retired…