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Today, in it’s how you play the game

Very interesting Q&A in Stewart Mandel’s Mailbag ($$) today.

All the talking heads are knocking Oklahoma because of their (lack of) defense. Why does the committee feel it’s their job to judge teams based on HOW they win? Alabama and LSU teams of yesteryear were never criticized for their lack of offense. Why does it matter how the Sooners win, as long as they win?

Justin B.

Have you heard the phrase “defense wins championships?” The committee is a big believer in it. Just look at the Sooners’ polar opposite, Mississippi State. This is a team that not only is 6-4 but also has not scored more than seven points in any of those losses. But the Bulldogs rank sixth in the country in total defense and thus remain safely in the rankings at No. 21, ahead of a 9-1 Utah State team that averages 51.3 points per game — more than even Oklahoma.

It’s not surprising given the composition of the committee, which includes old coaches like Frank Beamer, Jeff Bower and Bobby Johnson, Hall of Fame defensive back Ronnie Lott and a former Notre Dame defensive end, Ohio State AD Gene Smith. I’m guessing none of those guys are big believers in the merits of winning games 48-47. (Beamer, it should be noted, is recused from discussing Oklahoma because his son Shane is an assistant coach there.) They really ought to try balancing it out next year with some offensive guys. How about Hal Mumme?

Okay, so the end’s a little tongue and cheek.  Still, he raises a good point:  why does Oklahoma get dinged, subjectively speaking, for being unbalanced offensively, while the LSUs of the world, just as unbalanced, don’t seem to?

Mumme isn’t the guy I would suggest for fixing what ails the committee.  After all, we named a poll in his honor for making one of the most questionable votes in the history of the Coaches’ Poll.  What would be useful for bringing a more balanced analysis to the selection committee, would be to add some advanced stat folks.  (Not that it’ll ever happen, but still.)



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Thinking the Cocktail Party’s not long for Jax?

Well, you’ve got a friend in Mark Bradley.  Although I have to laugh at some of his reasoning, like this:

Most every coach would say after his school commits to a nice series, but if we’ve learned anything about Smart, it’s that his words bear weight. He learned about messaging under Nick Saban, who doesn’t allow assistants to speak for the record during the regular season. (One program, one voice.) If we’ve learned anything else, it’s that Smart tends to think as Saban thinks, and King Crimson is on record as loathing lousy games.

Yeah, that Nick Saban messaging is a potent force alright.  If it weren’t for ol’ Nick harping on it, we never would have gotten that nine-game conference schedule… oh, wait.

Then there’s this:

Weiszer reported that Georgia and Florida would forfeit $2.6 million for each home-and-home, but let’s face it: These aren’t FBC schools that require guaranteed money to pay the light bill. They’d make do.

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity gagging.  And I thought Mark knew Greg better than that.


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Your 11.14.18 Playpen

Sounds like I whetted some appetites with yesterday’s Gundy post, so have at it in the comments.

Only thing I’ll add here is that, after seeing some of the terms of Georgia’s Amazon proposal, boy, am I glad it wasn’t successful. Talk about giving the store away…


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Stacking up with the rest of the CFP field

Looking at the data compiled in these two tweets…

… it’s hard to escape the realization that the LSU loss killed Georgia’s margin for error to make the national semi-finals.

Had the Dawgs won in Baton Rouge, they likely would have stayed in consideration even with a loss in the SECCG. Instead, it’s find a way to beat the Tide or they’re out.


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