Thinking the Cocktail Party’s not long for Jax?

Well, you’ve got a friend in Mark Bradley.  Although I have to laugh at some of his reasoning, like this:

Most every coach would say after his school commits to a nice series, but if we’ve learned anything about Smart, it’s that his words bear weight. He learned about messaging under Nick Saban, who doesn’t allow assistants to speak for the record during the regular season. (One program, one voice.) If we’ve learned anything else, it’s that Smart tends to think as Saban thinks, and King Crimson is on record as loathing lousy games.

Yeah, that Nick Saban messaging is a potent force alright.  If it weren’t for ol’ Nick harping on it, we never would have gotten that nine-game conference schedule… oh, wait.

Then there’s this:

Weiszer reported that Georgia and Florida would forfeit $2.6 million for each home-and-home, but let’s face it: These aren’t FBC schools that require guaranteed money to pay the light bill. They’d make do.

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity gagging.  And I thought Mark knew Greg better than that.


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21 responses to “Thinking the Cocktail Party’s not long for Jax?

  1. Debby Balcer

    A stretch of a piece by Bradley.


    • 79Dawg

      When you get the editor’s note that says, “Haven’t gotten many hits or clicks from you recently…”, clowns like Bark Madly know its time to put some clickbait up… RIP MSM!


  2. Cousin Eddie

    Forfeit $2.6 million, there is your answer. The Athletic Departments would Forfeit WINS before cash. Seriously did GA legalize Meth, what the wide world of sports are these two thinking.


  3. Uglydawg

    Hell, I’ve got lots of friends.
    Bradley is being his usual snarky self..his list of schools on Georgia’s “runty schedule” include GT, Auburn, Missouri, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Tennessee Vandy and Kentucky.
    In other words, any team Georgia has beaten lately. He should have put ND on that list…and Oklahoma.
    He sounds like a big10 fan running down the SEC.
    Most of those “runts” would win big time in any other conference.
    And that “runt” Vandy had ND on the ropes.
    The East has been great in the past and will be again..MB speaks as if they are perennial cupcakes.
    And doesn’t he usually sing their praises right before they play UGA?
    Mark also used this crappy piece of journalistic thought to once again rub Georgia fans noses in the 95 Ga/Fl game fiasco in Athens.
    I doubt the game will move. I hope it doesn’t. I’m sure Kirby also knows that some of the best football players come out of the southeastern corner of the state.


  4. The game is a better recruiting tool in Jacksonville because pretty much every blue chip player in America will see that game in that atmosphere every year. Throw in the presence of College GameDay and SEC Nation, and why in the world would we give away a structural advantage we have over our recruiting peers. Does anyone think CBS would have Georgia-Florida pegged on their picks before the season starts if the game were just another game on campus?

    For the money angle, I wonder how many South Georgians would quit donating to the Hartman Fund and buying season tickets if the WLOCP moved from Jacksonville.

    I don’t think Greg McGarity or Kirby Smart want to know the answer to either of these questions.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Correct about risk of south Georgians giving up on contributions and season tickets. However, The J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics will not care.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Trash talking the Jax game means negotiations for an extension are coming soon. We’ve seen this many times before. All about leverage.

    But I didn’t know King Crimson were american college football fans. Learn somethin’ new every day. 😉


  6. Dawg in Austin

    Bama doesn’t seem to have any problems recurring with neutral site games nearly every year. What is Kirby getting at?


  7. Hal Evans

    Bradley’s an idiot


  8. Down island way

    I’ll leave his attempt at…at…at what ever he’s paid to do in the bottom of my pet bird’s cage. So i’ll comment on others comments. Most bean counters will tell you the loses/consequences in $$$$$$$ 5, 10, 20 years out, should there ever be any real conversation in home at home series. CKS has the bully pulpit and probably will(at this rate) for quite some time and he’ll use it when he so desires, whether or not his point/sound bite has merit or just stirs the pot. I do enjoy me some FU ass kickings/losses in Jax for as long as possible!!!!!!!!GO DAWGS!


  9. Gaskilldawg

    I am not advocating for a change from Jax, but he is correct about TIAA Stadium. It is a shitty venue for regular fans. Ingress is poor; I got lucky and it only took 35 minutes to get through security and enter the gates this year. Usually it takes longer. Egress is not any better. The staff shuts down the escalators after the game and funnels everyone into the ramp. Takes forever to get out. Only one major road in, on the river side of the stadium so traffic can be terrible. I have been close to 40 times so I have learned how to time arrival to the area and exit, and when to enter the stadium, but I can imagine that first timers get the worst of TIAA stadium.


  10. HiAltDawg

    More than likely the “spiteful, little man” that coaches UGA is laying the ground work for getting his piece of the pie (nice raise) when JAX bankrupts themselves to keep the game during the next round of negotiations. The advantage to fl scam is lazy thinking. Since Preacher Coach–Man of Integrity, Leader of Men, Protector of Rings From Gathering Dust, forbid his team from dancing in the endzone (which they did anyways) the series is .500. Also, (Preacher Coach gets credit for this) the changes were made for the Dawgs to fly out of Ben Epps so total travel time to JAX is equal to fl’s bus ride from Tom Pettyville. The game is the signature CBS telecast of October and leads into the CBS Double Header weekends in November. Win this game and recruiting fixes itself more than another chance for 20 18 yos to get treated better than the fans or current students over an “extra” weekend. Win the game and everything UGA needs goal-wise happens. Lose this game in Athens-not cool. I grew up in Tifton, my parents retired to SSI, this is a home game (especially since we run certain orange and blue turds out of the stadium any time we’re up a couple scores) and since I live in Athens I really don’t care about the Clarke County Chamber of Commerce needs/cries for the series going Home&Home. It’s not like the economic impact is going to do anything but put Bike Lanes in Normaltown or whatever idiot project SPLOST is supposed to pay for anyways (BTW, I’m Mr. Votes for SPLOST and shops in Oconee Co – because it’s hilarious and that’s where Trader Joe’s is).

    Other than that let’s just stop what were doing and just do things Mark Bradly’s way; after all he’s managed thrive in an robust industry of the future that gets less clicks than (checks made up notes) this blog (seriously, probably not true but the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, so…)


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    And if Bradley knew anything about business, scheduling, tourism, or prognosticating, he wouldn’t be a gumshoe reporter.

    When it comes to maximizing profit, I wonder if they’ve only scratched the surface on the Jax game. How much would CBS or ESPN pay to televise this individual game if we were to somehow separate it from the greater sec package?

    And is $6 mil from Jax such a big price tag for the national attention they reap from this game? There’s sell-outs from St. Simons to St. Augustine.
    The benefits are far beyond a Jags game or Gator Bowl.

    The nfl, with their asinine games in London or Mexico City, don’t come close to the attention the Jax game enjoys. Jax is THE mid-season bowl game in cfb. Anyone suggesting we abandon it is foolish.


  12. Rob Patterson

    I’m an old guy and been to this game in Jax many times; however, every time I go, it is like they are hosting the game for the first time with many hitches, and not counting the gouging for places to stay, etc. Why not rotate it between Atlanta and Jacksonville? Not a new idea, but worth consideration. All the emphasis is on the student athlete, I understand that; but, occasionally you need to consider the paying customers/fans.


    • Because the majority of the fans/donors live in Atlanta or Athens. Atlanta is not an exciting venue or a vacation destination like you get in Saint Simons/ Savannah/ St. Augustine. Love it or hate it, until that changes, don’t expect the game to be anywhere else.