Another sign you’re playing quality ball

We’ve all been critical at times about the staff’s management of the last couple of minutes of the first half (last Saturday being a huge, pleasant exception to that).  Based on this, maybe we’ve been overly harsh about that.

Hard to do better than that.

In fact, that’s so good that even with the halftime adjustments we’ve credited as one of Kirby’s strengths, Georgia is slightly worse, relative to others, when you factor in third quarter starts.

I’m impressed.


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4 responses to “Another sign you’re playing quality ball

  1. Russ

    Interesting stat, and one I’m surprised has been overlooked for so long. End of half and start of second half are key moments in a game. This tells me Kirby and staff have the right focus, and the players are executing. Good job!


  2. The only problem last week (other than not punching it in on goal to go) was that we had a chance to apply the knockout punch on the first drive of the 2nd half and went 3 and out. Kirby had played the end of the first half perfectly to get the 2 scores in a row.


  3. Macallanlover

    Agree, the end of the 1st halves this season are a spectacular improvement to last season’s approach where we had many similar opportunities. I understand that Fromm was a freshman QB, but that is why he really needed the live reps in that situation. He really excels in that hurry up and keeps the defense on their heels.

    Expanding this line of thinking, HUNH might be an interesting strategy against a strong Bama defense. Yeah, bad if you fail and give them a chance to get ahead but this looks like an uneven fight, who doesn’t expect them to jump ahead anyway? Have to think differently about this game, and tempo is an area where we might have an edge, or could perhaps level the playing field. Need to tire those Bama defensive starters out.


  4. J T

    This can’t be true I guess they used curve for UGA, you know because Chaney is such a terrible OC.