That’s so Maryland.

At this point, is anyone even the least bit surprised by this?

Former University of Maryland football coach DJ Durkin continued to communicate with assistant coaches and develop game plans for the team after being placed on administrative leave amid media reports alleging abusive treatment of players, according to multiple sources.

The sources said Durkin told a task force that assistant coaches sent him game film to review so he could help create game plans.

Sources also said Durkin’s continuing role was shared with and discussed by the state university system’s Board of Regents, which cleared him Oct. 30 to return as coach before he was dismissed one day later by university president Wallace Loh.

Whether university officials approved Durkin’s involvement while on leave is in dispute. Durkin told the regents his activity was approved by athletic director Damon Evans, two sources said. And Durkin told the task force he was responding to requests for advice from the assistants and that the university had not limited such contact.

More to the point, is anybody buying this?

But in a statement late Wednesday, a university spokeswoman said Durkin “was not to perform coaching duties while on administrative leave” and that neither Evans nor Loh had granted permission for him to do so.

I think you’ve got your answer right here.

The university declined to make Evans available to be interviewed. Durkin’s attorney Jeffrey Klein said his client would have no comment. Former regents chairman James Brady and vice chairman Barry Gossett also declined to comment for this article.

That Damon Evans is still gainfully employed there is something.


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9 responses to “That’s so Maryland.

  1. Gaskilldawg

    I hate that Damon Evans is caught up in that. Regardless of what one thinks about his time as our AD (and I am not taking a position on that because it has nothing to do with my point) he is a fellow alumnus . He violated his wedding vows but apparently he and his Wife worked through that and there is no point in others fighting a battle for her that she does not want to fight. It is a shame his chance to regain his career footing is crumbling around him.


    • jtp03

      Damon may be an fellow alumnus but this problem happened on his watch, or lack thereof, and he poorly tried to cover his own ass. He deserves no more chances.


    • The Dawg abides

      I want to root for Damon. I really do. Gave him the benefit that the Red Panty Escapade was a one- time lapse in judgement. But more and more, he just comes off as an arrogant sleazebag.


      • Got Cowdog

        Fellow Alumnus? He can’t be a festering asshole because he graduated from UGA? How very filial of you. No worries that he not only embarrassed UGA and was fired for his conduct, he had a player DIE due to misconduct in his department at his subsequent employment. WTF does he have to do? Deflower one of the Dooleys in front of Tate Center on game day?


  2. Jared S.

    Evans won’t last long. I still get the feeling that the alumni base and state legislators hate (HATE!!!!!!) what this scandal has done to the UMD brand. They’re out for blood. They got some with the firing of Durkin and resignation of the board of regents chair, but they’re not done…..


  3. Russ

    They are still gathering up all the crap around the program. Once they’ve found it all, Damon will be asked to carry it out with him when he leaves.


  4. My guess is he won’t be…..unless they need his help with law suits.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    The Urban Meyer shitshow is coming to town. Squirrel!