Throw the damned ball, Minutemen.

Weirdly enough, Saturday may pose something of a unique test for Georgia’s defense this season.  Per Seth Emerson ($$),

… UMass, this week’s seemingly overmatched opponent, will be the highest-ranked passing offense, at least statistically, that Georgia has faced to this point. The Minutemen are averaging 8.7 yards per attempt and 299.1 passing yards per game, both of which rank in the top 20 nationally.

Granted, they’ve played Sagarin’s 115th ranked strength of schedule, but, still, committed to the pass is committed to the pass, no?



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12 responses to “Throw the damned ball, Minutemen.

  1. Russ

    That’s the wrong team to play right before the nerds. We need to work on containment and tackling, not getting after a pass rush.


  2. Macallanlover

    So in our last two games we play an opponent that can pass but not run, and another that can run, but not pass. Should be perfect preparation to face an offense that excels at both in Atlanta on December 1. Maybe this McGarity guy is smarter than we thought. Well, that might be going a little too far. Last chance to work on that pass rush and get our stats to a less embarrassing position. Let’s get our backups some live reps and confidence this weekend. (Still not giving anyone 44 points. We will begin running the clock out in Quarter 3 if the past is any indicator of this staff.)


  3. Randall Adams

    Now that this defense is finally playing at a pretty good level; I’ll continue to believe that a one-dimensional offense (pass or run) cannot beat the Dawgs.
    This will be good for Georgia to ‘scrimmage against’ with the pass happy Tide a couple of weeks away.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    UMass generally tries to be more balanced than this implies. They average 39 runs and 38 passes. They’ve just been awful running the ball in half their games. They’re better passing, but also coming off a game with BYU where they averaged 5.5 yards on 33 attempts.

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    • Rampdawg

      They better be working on stopping GTs 3ple Option.


      • Harold Miller

        One game at a time. Focus on the process.


      • Anonymous

        Tech has 3 wins against us since Fish Fry became the coach. Each of those wins occurred in years were it was our DC’s first game against him. Willie in 2008, Pruitt in 2014, and Tucker in 2016. Grantham won his first game against them. Every coach won each successive game against them. One they have gotten a feel for how Johnson calls the game and makes adjustments, they get everything in order for the next time and are successful.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Sounds like a great game to get ready for the run-first, run-second, and then run-third offense that we’ll be facing next week vs. Georgia Tech.


    Why hasn’t anyone with the league or the NCAA or SOMEBODY stepped in to stop Cupcake Week yet?