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Not fast, but furious?

For those insisting that Elijah Holyfield lacks that certain aspect of top-end speed to be considered a truly elite back, all I can say is that he must be doing something right.



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Allow me to retort, Danny.

Phil Steele has an interesting stat up today.

TAMU is a bit of an eye-opener there.  If you go to the linked piece, you’ll find that the Aggies are pretty balanced in that regard, 19th offensively and 12th defensively.  (By comparison, Georgia is 14th and 26th, respectively.)  Jimbo looks like he can still coach a little.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the methodology, Steele removes garbage yards that may occur during overtime and/or blowout wins/losses.

Anyways, Central Florida?  Glad you asked.  Steele has UCF ranked 29th.  The breakdown is 8th on offense and 91st on defense, where it’s actually 20 yards worse than opponents’ average.  So much for that whole “just like Oklahoma” argument.  (FYI, Oklahoma isn’t great defensively, but at least it’s holding opponents below their season average.)


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Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, keep Kannell rollin’.

LMAO.  You’re trying too hard with this, Danny.

Kanell said that UCF would go “toe-to-toe” with this Georgia team, citing UCF’s impressive offense, and how Georgia played against last year’s Oklahoma team in the Rose Bowl.

“You didn’t hear anybody complain about that game, when Georgia gave up over 500 yards of total offense, nobody had a problem with that,” Kanell said. “And Oklahoma almost won with an incredible offense and a sub-par defense. Does that sound familiar? That’s exactly what UCF has.”

… Kanell also added that because UCF is used to giving up points— Temple scored 40 on them— it would be better equipped than Georgia to win a shoot-out.

“They go up-tempo. They’re used to getting scored on, Georgia’s not,” he said. “That game would come down to the wire just the same way the Rose Bowl did.”

UCF has played this season’s 106th ranked strength of schedule, according to Sagarin.  Oklahoma’s 2017 SOS?  7th.

When you’re an SEC hammer like Danny, everything looks like a nail.


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“This is something that we’re gonna learn from and grow from.”

I gotta tell you, in a day and age where we’re assaulted with the crap from Ohio State and Maryland, it’s almost a relief to read a sweating the small stuff story like this.

All-American defensive tackle Ed Oliver got into a heated discussion with Houston coach Major Applewhite just before halftime of the Cougars’ 48-17 win over Tulane on Thursday night.

Applewhite approached Oliver, who has missed four consecutive games because of an injured knee, on the Houston sideline before halftime and removed the lineman’s jacket from his shoulder. Oliver could then be seen shouting at Applewhite as the team walked toward its locker room at halftime and was restrained by Houston director of sports performance Rod Grace.

Applewhite said after the game that Oliver left the locker room and that he hadn’t spoken to him since, but he emphasized that he wanted the Outland Trophy winner back.

“I love him, I want him to be a part of our team, I want him to be with our team,” Applewhite said. “You’d be amazed how many emotional things you deal with all the time with players. This is just one that you see. But we deal with things like this all the time as coaches. That’s part of our job.”

A pissing match between a star player and his head coach over a jacket?  Now that’s the kind of goofy bullshit that makes me love college football.


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