Allow me to retort, Danny.

Phil Steele has an interesting stat up today.

TAMU is a bit of an eye-opener there.  If you go to the linked piece, you’ll find that the Aggies are pretty balanced in that regard, 19th offensively and 12th defensively.  (By comparison, Georgia is 14th and 26th, respectively.)  Jimbo looks like he can still coach a little.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the methodology, Steele removes garbage yards that may occur during overtime and/or blowout wins/losses.

Anyways, Central Florida?  Glad you asked.  Steele has UCF ranked 29th.  The breakdown is 8th on offense and 91st on defense, where it’s actually 20 yards worse than opponents’ average.  So much for that whole “just like Oklahoma” argument.  (FYI, Oklahoma isn’t great defensively, but at least it’s holding opponents below their season average.)


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  1. gastr1

    Texas A & M is a mystery. They lose bigly to Mississippi State, come from ahead to lose to Auburn, and barely beat Sakerlina and Arkansas. Are they good or not? Can Jimbo coach a little? Can’t tell.


  2. Uglydawg

    TAMU’s stout showing against Clemson really padded their stats.
    That’s taking nothing away from them, they are solid and had Clemson on the ropes.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    The measure of Jimbo will be next year. He should be in line for the year two bounce, and if he doesn’t get it, it probably doesn’t bode well for his tenure.


  4. ASEF

    I kind of miss the Rusillo/Kanell radio show. Rusillo had such contempt for DK. Rusillo found ways to express it in ways the listener could pick up on it, but Kanell was just oblivious. I honestly thought it was a mutual routine at first, but then I realized…

    DK’s just not that smart.


    • Navin Johnson

      Kanell’s an idiot – I think. I guess it’s also possible the he’s found a niche, where there is a small but misguided audience that’s buying what he’s selling (I see you, Lou Dobbs). So he’s sticking with it.

      But I choose to believe he’s just an idiot.


  5. Mayor

    Washington State at 7 right behind Georgia is a bit of surprise too.


  6. Of note, over the last three games (UF, UK, Auburn) UGA is averaging +220 in this stat, with AUB being the high point at +263.


  7. Jack Klompus

    Don’t feed the troll!!!


  8. The Truth

    On the relevancy ladder, you have “irrelevant”, then about 4 rungs down you have “Danny Kannell.”


  9. Clayton Davis

    How relevant is yards per game though? It’s nice if a team can hold another an average of 100 yards lower per game, but if they allow touchdowns on more drives, while another team allows more yardage per game but holds teams to FGs or nothing, Team B is going to win more games.


  10. The other Doug

    UAB sitting there at 10th. I wonder where Bill Clark will end up.


  11. Those stats are very interesting. Our stats pretty much what I would think … very solid on both sides of the ball. Combine that with a good kicking game, and you’re a top 5 team.

    I took a look down the list … Miami is awful on offense and pretty good on defense if I’m reading the stats correctly. Serious underachieving in Coral Gables.


  12. I wonder how we ranked last year?


  13. Hot Dawg

    “Garbage yards?” Isn’t that anything after the first touchdown for Alabama???


  14. Uglydawg

    Garbage yards aside, Georgia is playing a lot of youngsters (Kirby’s version of Fulmer’s Youth Development Plan) at crucial times during the game..not just late when the game is effectively over. Leave in those starters for the whole first three quarters and Georgia’s numbers will go up. CKS doesn’t have time for these stats..he’s busy with the process of building quality, plug in at any time, depth.


  15. UGA '97

    Bye bye notre dame, go join a conference.


  16. Mick Jagger

    Thank goodness these stats aren’t inside the 10!

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  17. Anonymous

    Early Admission decisions come out today. Good luck to everyone that has family members that applied.