“Everything happens for a reason, and a good reason at that.”

If you’re looking for someone to feel sorry for this morning, meet Maryland offensive lineman Damian Prince.  He’s got a resume that nobody should envy.

When Prince and the other seniors take the field at Maryland Stadium for Saturday’s game against No. 10 Ohio State, the rebuilding has been led by two different head coaches, two interim coaches and for Prince, four line coaches.

If that’s not a record, I’d sure hate to meet the kid who beats it.

He’s played for both Edsall and Durkin.  If nothing else, that makes him something of an expert on assholes.


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2 responses to ““Everything happens for a reason, and a good reason at that.”

  1. Well, all that coaching appears to be working out today- at least in the first half.


  2. NCDawg

    My nephew has played for 3 defensive coordinators in 4 years under Fedora at UNC. It’s tough on the kids.