Dropping an absolute dime

Justin Fields, ladies and gentlemen, and the art of throwing a perfect bomb.

The best part of that clip is Riley Ridley’s reaction before the ball even reaches Mecole Hardman.  Sometimes you just have to stop and admire a thing of beauty.



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    50 effortless yards.


    • UnderDog68

      It went right down the sideline where I was sitting in the corner of the East end zone. All I could do was stare at it with my jaw hanging. Masterful. Just like a pitch and catch playing backyard football.


  2. sniffer

    I don’t remember Stafford throwing a prettier pass than that. And it was a Stafford worthy, thing of beauty.


  3. Timphd

    HIs pass to Robertson was just as pretty, if only he had caught it. Love to see guys celebrating the success of team mates too.

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  4. Hobnail_Boot

    I like the handshake.

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  5. Bright Idea

    Me too on Ridley. I noticed that on video board at game.


  6. Fromm’s sideline td was as good a pass as you’ll ever see as well. I’d even say it was a tougher throw because it was between the sideline and a defender. All the QBs played well. I’m certainly glad to see Fields actually run the offense. He still shows a lack of confidence at times but it’s obvious that he’s developing positively. He could really help this team in the next weeks.

    Competition or not, the offense still played as well as a Georgia offense ever has. As sloppy as they’ve looked at times this year, they really seem to be getting it together at the right time. Scored on every possession except the last. How many penalties? It says a lot to me that they got it together for a game like that.

    We really need some complimentary ball. The offense has to sustain some drives to help out the D against Tech and Bama. I never had any delusions about this defense, though, I’d hoped they’d get it together a little more by now. Not that they’re bad, they just got torched by a one man show. Isabella didn’t just show up at night. That cat is a Biletnikoff finalist and is a track star. He’s as good if not better than any WR we’ll face this year.


    • Derek

      His talent and potential is through the roof. He’s far from a finished product as a qb though.

      Of course if they tailored the offense to him instead of the other way around approach they are doing, I think he’d still be a handful for a defense to handle. You just don’t have enough defenders when you’ve got a qb who can run power and throw it 55 yards on a line.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree jaboo, good to see him allowed to run some real plays in the game and not revisit that “one and done” silliness we have seen too often. He is definitely a dual threat, not a Hurts-type QB that cannot make the difficult throws. His performance should give him some real confidence, as well as his teammates and the staff. I realize it wasn’t against an SEC defense but it was enough to give Little Nicky something to think about beside a QB keeper.

      I don’t know why he wasn’t allowed to do that more in September when we had similar chances, perhaps what we didn’t see at practice was the real reason. Good news is he looks like someone who can step in and help us if Fromm has to miss a series or two, or worse, more than that. UGA is blessed with QB talent with a proven performer at QB and one that is getting there. Not sure where this leads us in 2019 but we are in better shape than anyone for the remainder of the season.


  7. Yurdle

    Outside the numbers in stride for 6. And then he did it again but Robertson forgot to catch it.

    But the pass right before to Swift shows why 11 is starting. Fields threw an ill-advised and poorly-thrown flat into double coverage that anybody besides UMASS takes the other way for 6.

    As Fields improves, he’s really going to push. His arm makes you defend the full length and width of the field. His legs make you play gap sound. If he can add the intermediate game to his arsenal, he checks all of the boxes.


  8. Down island way

    Call this game what it is, Justin Fields left his mark on everyone other than the staff and teammates. Good to see! GATA!…..talking heads will be in “controversy” mode this week


  9. Russ

    That wasn’t a bomb. A bomb drops in from above. That was a laser-guided missile.


  10. Russ

    I loved seeing Simmons so excited when he was crossing the goal line on his long TD. It’s a nice reminder that these guys are still young and play because it’s fun. Chris Berman said much the same on his sideline interview.


    • HiAltDawg

      Nice observation. The one difference I see with Kirbs, vs all the other coaches from Saban’s Tree, is our players seem to have fun while expected to play to standard. Watching the buy-in on the sideline by the team when all the walk-ons were in mop-up duty was sweet!


  11. Castleberry

    Breathtaking – when it left his hands I thought it was going over the stadium and onto the railroad tracks.


  12. dawgman3000

    It’s nice to finally see Justin’s talent on full display. It seems that he is progressing well. I think the experience, and hopefully confidence, he gained will help him continue to grow because he will be needed if this team is going to beat Bama and make any noise in the playoffs.


  13. DoubleDawg1318

    My dad and I were sitting in the end zone where Mecole scored so we saw the whole thing develop (sidenote: It’s one reason why going to the game can still be better than the TV). He was asking for a deep ball from Fields before the play. As soon as he released it I said, “There’s your bomb” and then noticed it was tracking into Mecole’s hands right in front of us. It was a thing of beauty and Ridley’s reaction is priceless.


  14. Tlkdawg

    Great reaction by Ridley! I missed that yesterday, glad you posted the clip. I love watching this team support each other and get truly excited when someone makes a big play. There are tons of examples, but one of my favorites yesterday was Holyfield going nuts on the sideline when Crowder made his interception, and he was just one of many. They all seem to get a lot of joy out of other’s success.