Musical palate cleanser, funk guitar god edition

What do you get when you combine a thirty-second spoken introduction from an obviously spaced-out George Clinton with a ten-minute guitar solo?

Why, that’s easy:  “Maggot Brain”.


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, funk guitar god edition

  1. Tronan

    Eddie Hazel could shred like nobody’s bidness. I’m partial to this one:

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  2. Muttley

    Perfect for Maggot Week. I’d like to hear this in Sanford late in the fourth, while we’re running the score up.


  3. Russ

    Senator, it’s a shame you can’t see the Tales from the tour bus episode about George Clinton. Best story was how the band was driving to a gig outside of Pittsburgh, all tripping on acid, and they wound up surrounded by zombies. Clinton said he was screaming and pissed himself he was so freaked out. Turns out, they drove through the middle of the filming of “Night of the living dead”.


  4. Dawglicious

    Jimmy Herring did a nice job on this one with the Panic in Charlotte a few New Year’s Eves back…


  5. playmakers in space


    Supposedly George Clinton told Eddie Hazel, under the influence of LSD at the time, to play “like your mama just died”.

    That whole album is great.

    My personal favorite: