So, you’re saying there’s a chance?

The prospects for this year’s Georgia-Georgia Tech game are killing Mark Bradley.

Something would have to happen to level this playing field. (Rain is forecast for Saturday morning, FYI.) The noon kickoff two days after Thanksgiving should have a dulling effect on the Sanford audience, but we note that Georgia hasn’t come close to losing at home since Searcy’s leap. The best-case scenario for Tech is that the Bulldogs will realize that, in the macro sense, this game doesn’t much matter. Win or lose Saturday, they’ll have to beat Alabama to make the playoff.

When all you’ve got is the weather, the early start time and looking forward to ‘Bama (how did that work for Auburn, by the way?), you ain’t got much.


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20 responses to “So, you’re saying there’s a chance?

  1. Uglydawg

    It’s odd that MB isn’t relying on the fact that GT has a genius at the helm. Wouldn’t that be a first and foremost reason for hope?


  2. Mayor

    Bradley is an idiot. If Georgia loses to Tech the Dawgs won’t make the playoff even if they beat Bama.

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  3. Rain is much worse for them than us.

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  4. Bigshot

    UGA will have to beat GT and Bama to make the play-offs.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree. I have maintained that UGA is a lock if they win the SEC title, but a loss to the Nerds would change that. A one loss Bama would get in over a 2 two loss UGA, imo. I don’t think we lose to GT, but I do think it could be close and not likely to be masterful. I hope I am wrong about just getting by in a struggle but I haven’t seen any signs that our defense can shut them down to 17-20 points, we are very soft against what Tech does best. Fortunately, I don’t see them stopping our offense either.


  5. Bigshot

    I’m remember one time when Ron Hudspeth picked GT to win. First play of the game was an 80 yard TD and UGA proceeded to win 48-0.

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  6. Austin Cope

    I am pretty worried about this one. Rain, noon kickoff, a load of injuries across the team, and Tech seems to have peaked at the right time of the year.

    If we don’t break out the black jerseys, we might not stand a chance. 😉


  7. The man is a projection artist non pareil. But give him credit, he is transparent about it.


  8. Doug

    There’s no denying that Georgia has had a soft road. The Bulldogs faced one opponent with the wherewithal to beat them, and that one won by 20 points.

    So every team that wins a bunch of games plays an easy schedule by definition, because none of their opponents were capable of beating them?

    I can’t even. Not exactly surprised to see Bradley make a silly statement like that, but how in the hell did it make it past an editor?


  9. fred

    When CMR was around i would lose sleep over a posable loss not with Kirby!