Montana doesn’t get Georgia.

Jeez, Stewart ($$).

Stewart: What are your five most underrated rivalries? I feel like in-state rivalries often get overlooked (UGA/GT, South Carolina/Clemson) and the national scene misses out on some of the regional flavor. 

Dan McDermott, Davidson, N.C.

I’ll give you South Carolina-Clemson, but I don’t get the sense Georgia fans give two hoots about Georgia Tech at this point. Maybe that changes if the Jackets win this week…

All I can say in response is that you must be looking for hate in all the wrong places.


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  1. Greg

    “looking for hate in all the wrong places”.

    HA!….nice reference. Really miss the Clemson/UGA game back in the 80’s. Probably the most intense that I have ever seen…definitely top 3.

    Happy Thanksgiving to All!!


  2. Mark

    Being a tech fan must resemble being a Georgia fan in the 90s vis-a-vis Florida. Except that in tech’s case, it’s permanent. Does that make me feel sorry for them?

    Hell, no. F ’em and the horse they rode in on. There’s no such thing as beating tech bad enough.


  3. gastr1

    I check their score every week to see if they’re losing. I want them to go 0-12 every year. I’d be in favor of a scoreless tie if they played Florida. I never want to stop beating them. Is that hate enough?


  4. Tronan

    Losing to Tech is the absolute worst. It should never happen. Fortunately it rarely happens. When it does, its stench corrupts for an entire year.

    Regardless, on this day of counting blessings, thanks for the best CFB blog anywhere, Senator.


  5. Tony Barnfart

    I’m in the camp he’s talking about, but I matriculated to UGA from out of state. Nobody’s asking me, but if they did, I’d drop this game like the 4pm Friday section of Accounting.


    • Tony Barnfart

      Although, surprisingly, I have been to this game twice…. once at each place. And in 2003 at Tech, got down on the field and walked around and shook hands with our players afterwards. Lax security like i’ve never seen.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    It doesn’t have anywhere near the vitriol of many other in-state rivalries.

    From a national perspective, his is a reasonable take.


    • It doesn’t have the vitriol because you don’t choose a side like you do in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, etc.

      Few people born and raised in Georgia pick Fech as their team unless they have a tie to the Trade School.


    • Greg

      For those folks up there in the stands (most), different on the field. It will be intense…


  7. Beat their @$$3$, Dawgs. We run this state.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  8. Russ

    Mandel has done a great job with the Athletic, but he still doesn’t have a clue about Georgia football.


  9. Randall Adams

    I would drop Georgia Tech in a heart beat. We do not recruit against them. They are not in the same conference. You get the sense that neither school really likes playing each other. They don’t like losing all the time, we do not like the thoughts of an upset and everybody hates the option game they play.

    The only reason for Tech to want to keep Georgia on the schedule?



    • Dawg Vegas

      And it gives us a beatable P5 opponent every year. A cupcake (often) disguised as a quality game.


      • McTyre

        Agreed and once The Johnson eventually moves on, it will be a less risky proposition for lower extremity injuries to our front seven and CBs.


        • Macallanlover

          You guys are kidding yourself if you think this gets UGA any credit. Yeah, it isn’t a true cupcake but you could play the bottom half of any conference and get the same, if not more credit. Tech is not seen as those in Georgia think, especially those who remember when they were in the SEC and could play most anyone. Why would anyone consider it a quality win? The game never even gets mentioned.


    • The series shouldn’t end until the Drought is thrown on the ash heap of CFB history.


  10. The other Doug

    Tech ranks 4th or 5th on my UGA rivals list:

    4/5 Tech or USC, and I think it’s USC

    A big part of why Tech has dropped in importance is the triple option. I’m not interested in it and it bores the heck out of me.

    I’d love for us to play GT every other year and add Clemson in the open slots.


    • Cynical Dawg

      I’d love for us to replace Georgia Tick with Clemson every year. This would beat the Iron Bowl in importance and Clemson is geographically closer to us than NATS is.


      • Greg

        Would be great, loved the Clemson rivalry renewed. Problem is, they play an ACC schedule versus an SEC. Would be tougher for UGA to be a playoff contender, UGA schedule versus one or two quality wins for Clemson. Also, a win for Clemson opens the recruiting borders more for them imo. I would definitely be for us playing them annually, the series is pretty lopsided…..just don’t think you would see the powers to be in favor. Probably more downside than up in their view.


      • Chopdawg

        Wrong, Clempson is 72.7 miles from Athens, Atlanta is 72.1.

        Never stop playing Tech. Never stop playing Fla in Jax. College football needs the traditions, otherwise it’s NFL Lite.

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    • Otto

      Tech is an interesting one, they are the one I hate a loss to the most but they are 4th on the want to go to in person list to the WLOCP, Auburn, and UT (or Clemson prior to the division split).

      Drop GT? Hell No

      Clemson should be a once a decade home and away. They survive off Georgia talent, why help them?


  11. BlazerDawg

    Everyone seems to look over the fact we have lost the last 2 in Athens and 3 out of 5 at home to these dweebs. They are an annoyance, but as one thtat grew up in the metro area and works downtown, this game is a must for the Dawgs! The difference (besides the obvious) in the fan bases is they obsess over us all year and we just pay attention to them 1 week. If u don’t think u hate ’em, u better get your mind right. We run this State and need to smite the bees on Saturday to remind them their place in the world! GATA!!! I’m coming and bring Hell with me!!!