What does Tech have to do to win Saturday?

If you’re going to try to make a case for Tech winning this Saturday, then this Michael Cunningham piece that looks through advanced stats to see where potential areas of advantage for the Jackets may exist takes a more credible approach than Mark Bradley’s “hey, rain! — it could happen!” wankery.

Of the three items he cites, the first, which is grinding on offense and staying in third-and-short situations, is his strongest.  (Plus, you know Johnson isn’t the kind of coach who punts on fourth-and-short.)  The second, generating explosive plays, is the weakest.  That’s the strength of Georgia’s defense this season and it’s hard to see why GT would succeed there.

The third is “create havoc”.  It’s a good argument; Tech can’t let Georgia’s offense do its usual impose your will thing.  The problem with blowing things up is that Tech’s been more lucky than good with turnovers this season and if Tech’s DC decides to create pressure through blitzing, that’s going to present Chaney with some opportunities to exploit.



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22 responses to “What does Tech have to do to win Saturday?

  1. Mayor

    Luck. Plain luck. That’s what you think turnovers are, right? If Georgia turns it over Tech has a chance.


  2. Greg

    Guarantee you they are gonna test that freshman up to middle with dive plays. Also gonna hit the edges/perimeter with option play. Probably licking their chops now that Rice is out and our young defense.

    Dawgs better buckle up and play discipline defense…gonna have to outscore’em. I look for them to probably get high 20’s to 30 plus. It will be a test…but thinks we squeeze it out.


    • Macallanlover

      Bad game to lose Rice, our LBs were the weakest link before that weird accident. I just don’t see us stopping that A dive well, or containing when we do. I think we have to scheme around the unfixable personnel weakness we have on D. Fortunately, I don’t see how they stop us either. Still think we outscore them, and still they keep it close enough to cover. Uncomfortable game for us. Wet weather may favor us a bit. Best part, when it is over we are still Dawgs, and they have to continue being Nerds and wearing those awful colors.


  3. pumblechook

    The one thing that scares me about this game is the linebackers and LeCounte overpursuing. When we’ve given up big plays on the ground it has invariably come back to that, and if there is a team built to exploit that, it is Tech.

    Getting explosive run plays and keeping their offense on the field gives Tech a puncher’s chance (turnovers notwithstanding). Without those I don’t see how they keep it close.


  4. Don’t underestimate the value of not being subject to the 20-hour rule this week since classes haven’t been in session. I’m confident we’ll be ready.


  5. AusDawg85

    HUNH is clearly a weakness on D for us, and we love our massive D substitutions. Tech could exploit this, except PJ likes to shuttle in his backs to call each play. I’m looking to see if they try to exploit this, or stay stubborn about how to call plays and let Tucker/Kirby substitute at will.


  6. Tech’s blueprint is 1) Gut us with an unstoppable dive play, 2) hope the Dawgs commit silly turnovers, and 3) hope for something flukey and/or a really dumb coaching decision(s) like a squib kick and then calling timeout to freeze a kicker on a 50+ yard attempt when they are about to get a delay of game.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone-


  7. Rival

    Going to first home game in a while this weekend. Has the Dawg Walk changed much with the stadium improvements? Is Uga available for pictures then?


    • I went to it a couple weeks ago. It didn’t seem quite as exciting as before but maybe that’s just me. Check it out unless it’s really inconvenient then I wouldn’t worry about it.


    • illinidawg

      They started some dopey “upgrade” experience where you sign up and get a link that has reservations for pictures with UGA during the game. I don’t know if they do like the used to under the bridge but, if it’s harder to make a buck, they probably don’t.


  8. Randall Adams

    Best they can hope for is to tie up a lot of clock – three yards and a cloud of dust and try and hit on a few big plays to try and keep it close. I don’t think it’s going to work out for them.

    48-17 Dawgs


  9. JAX

    In order to win, Tech will have to lick our balls, suck our dick, and swallow our load. And, even then, there is no guarantee.


  10. Bill Glennon

    Tech has to keep their offense on the field and keep UGA’s defense on the field while forcing UGA to get FGs instead of TDs.


  11. Russ

    The Tech explosive plays are what worries me the most. We haven’t done a good job at containing the edge all season, and if our secondary starts to panic, that’s when the hit a pass over the top. They only need a couple.

    Our biggest advantage is they shouldn’t be able to stop our offense. As long as the coaches don’t try to get cute, we can win 50-35.


  12. Chopdawg

    I can’t see them scoring 35 on us.

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  13. J-Dawg

    Seems to me that a1st play fleaflicker would take the air out of their sails. Even though we don’t need it throw some junk plays at them just to screw with their 2 active braincells. Hit the rocket scientists with a lot of BS.


  14. BMan

    I worry about our LBs playing well enough, and I worry about Brenton Cox on the edge but I don’t think Tech can match point for point. The 17 point line is about right.


  15. CosDawgin

    I like bangin tech chicks.