“You’ll find out (on Saturday)…”

Ooh, the genius gets coy.

For its Saturday matchup against No. 5 Georgia, Georgia Tech will likely be short one defensive starter due to injury, coach Paul Johnson said Wednesday.

Johnson declined to identify the player.

I imagine Kirby’s losing a lot of sleep over that.


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11 responses to ““You’ll find out (on Saturday)…”

  1. Greg

    “don’t need to be coy, Roy”


  2. Rusty

    Hey, I’m sure he needs any perceived advantage he can get.


  3. Who cares? I assume he has another 2-star who selected Fech over Western Carolina, Mercer and Georgia Southern to put in his place.


    • Macallanlover

      Similar admission standards for football players at all those schools I am sure, despite GT’s crowing to the contrary. In the 1A category, there are few schools who can take the high road on why they don’t get certain players over others.

      The only difference makers the Nerds have for this game are on offense, doesn’t matter much who is not available on the defensive side of the ball. I expect this to be a ugly game where we are forced to watch them frustrate our defense and keep our offense off the field. i hate this game, every single year, just hate it more when we hand them one, as we have done the last two games in Sanford.


  4. Spike

    Mark Bradley must have a Woodie..


  5. Vidaliaway

    Tech has defensive players?

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I just hope that poor Jake Fromm doesn’t get confused by the look they show. 😉


  7. Jim

    Fuck that guy


  8. Dawgy1

    Got sick eating boogers


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Fishfry doesn’t even know the names of his players…

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