PFF’s keys to the game

Some interesting statistical points:

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate this season will come down to several key factors as Georgia Tech’s triple-option offense, by default, will remove the Bulldogs best player on defense in CB Deandre Baker. Baker’s prowess in coverage will certainly not be tested on anything more than a very limited basis against the Yellow Jackets.

Keys for the game in the Georgia-Georgia Tech matchup:

– Georgia is the nation’s highest-graded tackling team: 94.8 tackling grade, missing only 56 total tackles as a team this season

– Georgia Tech’s run-defense grade is the 43rd-highest among 62 Power-5 teams

– Georgia’s run-blocking grade is No. 2 in the Power-5

– Georgia QB Jake Fromm possesses a 90.3 overall grade from a clean pocket

– Georgia Tech gets home with pressure on 33.0% of their pass-rushing snaps, 102 out of 130 FBS teams

I mentioned those last two points yesterday.  Fromm should have a good day tomorrow.


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18 responses to “PFF’s keys to the game

  1. Randall Adams

    I know people are fretting over this game. I think the Dawgs will more than cover the 17 point line.


  2. Spike

    If we tackle hard and well at the initial contact we should be ok. “If..”


  3. DawgFlan

    Georgia is the nation’s highest-graded tackling team – Would not have guessed that. Even so, our DBs seem to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Good on passes and runs once they get past 4-5 yards. I feel that the LBs can still improve being in the position to make tackles sooner.


  4. I have a bad feeling that the dive will be working all day for the bugs.


  5. Greg

    you just know they are gonna be going after that freshman….and his knees.


  6. Russ

    That tackling stat is nice, but it sure seems like we haven’t been tackling as well as that shows.


  7. 86BONE

    Don’t be surprised if Baker isn’t more involved in a “spy” type position, specially created just for this game. It would be a similar look as last year w Roquan keying in the QB.
    I just can’t imagine our All American DB not being heavily involved in this game….thoughts?


  8. AusDawg85

    Air Force and the Fightin’ Bobo’s actually put on an entertaining game yesterday, and in some ways, could be a preview of tomorrow. The Falcon’s ran the dive play repeatedly because the Rams had no way to stop it…until the goal line or via turnover. On the other hand, Colorado St. could pass at will…at least to one key receiver with NFL potential. If there was better overall talent on the field for Bobo, they could have won. (Side note: Aaron Murray was color commentary and I thought did a really good job with technical insight, and poor Mike Bobo looked terrible health wise. I hope he is able to get back to good health soon or he may need a sabbatical from the game to do so.)

    Tech probably keeps us on our heels for 2+ quarters, but Tucker knows how to eventually get that TO slowed down. They have no passing attack and by mid-way through the 3rd, Fromm and Company should have found their way to a two score lead, forcing Tech to start throwing and we know the game is over at that point.

    Dawgs cover…probably by pouring it on in the last 15 minutes.


    • Uglydawg.

      Watched it too, AusDawg. My thoughts are the same as yours.
      I was a little taken aback at CMB’s appearance. I too hope and pray he gets on top of his health issues during the off season. He’s a DGD and I wish him the best.
      My other unpleasant “surprise” was how unconventional AF’s behavior is for a military institution. Even the announcers seemed dismayed that they lined up in the safety formation and then ran a trick play out of it just before the half. Kind of like something Auburn would do, huh? It’s low’s asking for a cease-fire and then taking a shot at your opponent. It’s dangerous because the other team understandably stands down.
      It pissed CST off, as was seen at the end of the game when AF went into the formation again and CST didn’t abide peacefully (and why should they?)
      I would like to see a rule where if you try to gain yards out of the safe formation you get an unsportsmanlike penalty enforced on the next play, even if that play is in the next year against a different opponent. (Kind of like targeting suspensions are applied). It just bothers me…esp. for one of the Academies to pull that low classed stunt.
      AF players also uncharacteristically were taunting and strutting. You don’t see Army and Navy doing that shit..(I sure hope).