“Say Georgia loses to Georgia Tech.”

Everyone should have somebody love them the way Mark Bradley loves Paul Johnson.

… Beating Georgia for a fourth time in 11 years – and a third time running at Sanford Stadium – would hush most every PJ detractor.

No Tech coach since the sainted Bobby Dodd has beaten a Georgia team this good. Even Johnson’s three victories came against Bulldogs for whom no bigger prize awaited. (Georgia was ranked No. 13 by AP in 2008, No. 9 in 2014; it was unranked two years ago.) Going by the AP poll, Johnson’s biggest win came against No. 4 Virginia Tech on Oct. 17, 2009. But that was a while ago, and it was in Atlanta, and the Hokies aren’t the hated mutts.

With very few exceptions, this game over the past half-century has mattered more to the side that has won much less often. (Georgia is 40-14 against Tech since Vince Dooley arrived from Auburn.) The Bulldogs would appear too good for these Jackets, which would mean that an improbable victory would stand as Peak PJ. For Georgia Tech under Johnson, there has never been a bigger fish.

I can’t imagine a more eloquent StingTalk post.



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22 responses to ““Say Georgia loses to Georgia Tech.”

  1. Tatum

    That asshole masquerading as a journalist actually used the word “mutts” in the article? StingTalk indeed.

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    • Saxondawg

      The only good line Mark Bradley ever had was, “Tech fans think about Georgia every day of their lives. Georgia fans think about Tech one day per year.”

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  2. RangerRuss

    Mark Bradley can kiss the Red and Black parts of my GEORGIA Bulldog ass. Fuck tech.


  3. Tronan

    There has never been a bigger fish fry for Georgia Tech than Paul Johnson.

    There. I fixed it for Bradley.


  4. Doug

    For GT fans to call him “Bark Madly” and insist he’s in the tank for UGA just shows that they don’t ever read him.

    Bradley is a writer. He needs something to write about. Given the way UGA has largely dominated the nerds ever since Tech fled the SEC, this rivalry isn’t exactly a fertile source of controversy and intrigue the way, say, Michigan-tOSU or Bama-Auburn are. So he’s got to find some fake juice, the journalistic equivalent of dicking around with the uniforms. He’s got to find a way to make Tech seem dangerous; if Tech were ranked in the top 10 and Georgia were flailing, he’d be hunting for ways to puff up the Dawgs.

    I don’t blame him for doing it. I get it. But goddang, as a writer myself i’m offended at how transparent he’s being with his glorified carnival barking. At least try to be a little cunning about it, man.

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    • Athens Townie

      Totally agree.

      On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I do not have to write — or do anything for that matter — as desperately as Mark Bradley writes columns about sports.


    • McTyre

      Agreed. However, few if any high-profile rivalries are as one-sided as OSO-Mich right now: Auburn-of-Big10 winning 15 of last 17. As the Buckeyes are currently helmed by a smug sociopath on the verge of another fake heart attack/desire for family time, here’s to the Big Blue thrashing them Sat.


      • Macallanlover

        ohio has been the 2nd best team in that 2 team conference, Au isn’t 2nd best SEC team in any category you want to measure them by. The only place they are nearest the top is in cheating, and they lead in that area. So ohio is actually better than AU, but Au hasn’t ever held a 15-2 run over any successful SEC team that I can recall. Hard to ever pull for a Meechigan wipeout of anyone, especially with Harbaugh on the sidelines, but that other crew led by Liar/Crier will make men do strange things. Go Big Blue!


  5. Gurkha Dawg

    Like the old saying goes: “For every pig, there is a pig fucker”. I would never say such a thing about the fairer sex, but it seems to apply here rather nicely.


  6. Brandon

    The Poetry of Premature Trash Talk.


  7. Tlkdawg

    “Everybody should have somebody love them the way Mark Bradley loves Paul Johnson.” ……Perfect!
    My wife of 26 years, whom I would lay down my life for, only wishes I could maintain this level of adoration and devotion to her every day!


  8. Uglydawg.

    “Say Georgia loses to GT”?
    Well, for one thing, MB would need a tissue…and not for his nose.

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  9. sniffer

    Has Bradley not had a date for awhile. His crush is HUGE.

    “Mutts”…I’ll show him a mutt


  10. Biggus Rickus

    When was the last time Tech beat a championship caliber Georgia team? 1927?


  11. what was once journalism is now just click bait…nothing to see here just move along, To think Lewis Grizzard use to work for these same A-holes. The world may or may not be falling apart but journalism damn sure is..


  12. gastr1

    I just can’t stand his faux-Grantland Rice-attempts at poetic sportswriting. Just totally hackery. Caca.


  13. And if you read his trash like an English teacher would, he ain’t no good at grammar neither. Don’t know nothin bout the difference between adverbs and adjectives.


  14. illinidawg

    Bryce Perkins, I’ve seen Jake Fromm and you are no Jake Fromm!


  15. Down island way

    Get After Techs Ass! GOOOOOO DAWWGS!


  16. Mayor

    Say a comet hits the earth and destroys all life on the planet. Say Bark Madly just makes up shit just for clickbait.