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Wait, when did that happen?

Okay, I can’t help bringing this up, but considering the bitching going on after the LSU loss, it sure is funny to see Jake Fromm third nationally in passer rating and Jim Chaney’s offense third in offensive yards per play.


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Deserve’s got something to do with it.

Just a reminder to those of you who are convinced that the eight-team playoff field would be college football’s postseason sweet spot…

Inevitably, all that will be accomplished is to provide impetus to expand beyond eight, to account for the unfairness of better teams being left out of the field.  Admittedly, that’s more of a feature than a bug for some of you, but those of us who appreciate the goal of limiting the playoff field to the best teams and prefer not to see that watered down, it’s most definitely a bug.



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A genius at interior design

I don’t know if this is mere tongue-and-cheek stuff from Jeff Schultz ($$) — it’s almost too perfect in its arrogance, to be honest — but I sure hope it’s real.

Johnson was so amused by his third win in five appearances in Athens that, amid the postgame celebration in the locker room, with Gov. Nathan Deal present for the Governor’s Trophy celebration, he stood and kept looking up at the walls of the room. When somebody finally asked him why, he responded that he was wondering where Georgia would hang a sign that read “The Paul Johnson Visiting Locker Room.”

How a guy coaching a program that’s been literally owned by Georgia football at BDS since Mark Richt’s first season has the balls to think like that… well, like I said, I hope that’s an actual quote.  Even if it’s not, that I could seeing it being so says about as much, anyway.


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Can you engineer a rivalry?

We learned last night that apparently you can.

All it takes is a night game between two SEC West teams that goes seven overtimes, complete with the SEC Network ineptly creating a controversy that didn’t exist…

… non-calls that were controversial…

… a Gatorade bath for Coach O that was premature (a call the officials did get right), and, of course, the obligatory post-game fight.

Quite the night, especially considering that the stakes weren’t that large.  LSU was hovering on the edge of a NY6 invite, but this was a game to see who finished second in the West, behind ‘Bama.

So, yeah, it’s on.  Just remember that next year they play in Baton Rouge… at night.  I’m sure cooler heads will prevail.


UPDATE:  Aaaannndddd… the punchline (see what I did there?).


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Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 4

A golden oldie that’s still golden


via Curtis Compton/AJC

By all means, please keep telling us this rivalry doesn’t matter to us anymore.


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Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 3

TFW you didn’t get the license number of that Mack semi that ran your car off the road.

Speak for yourself, unidentified Tech staff person.


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Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 2

I like to think I’m a good judge of dissing, so let me just say that this, folks, is world-class disrespect.

Yeah, like that’s gonna make a big difference next year.


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Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 1

Outside of one poorly contained kickoff return, the first half yesterday was about as dominant a performance as a Dawg fan could ask for.  Behold, the stats!

That’s so beautiful, I could cry.


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Today, in oh, snap!

Kirby Smart, on the genius:

Even after stuffing the Jackets’ option offense, Smart sounded happy to be past it again.

“I don’t love it, but it is what it is,” he said. “You get the cards you’re dealt and that’s the cards we’re dealt. If you don’t want to play against it then beat them every year and pretty soon you won’t have to.”

Washington’s defensive coordinator, on Mike Leach’s offense:

It’s the same melody with different lyrics.


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“Apparently he was planning to waste away in Margaritaville.”

So the dude who ran a ticket scam on Georgia fans last year with a fake Notre Dame offer decided to skip being sentenced to 180 days in jail, was captured on the lam and will now have a sentence of 1 to 5 years tacked on for escape.  Brilliant!

The topper is that he apparently went back to the well.

He also has another tickets charge coming his way.

“Because of the publicity surrounding this case, we heard from another man who said he paid for tickets to the LSU game and never received them,” Sills said. “So apparently Mr. Cook didn’t learn his lesson. I’m going to charge him for that one, too.”

Okay, so a criminal mastermind he’s not, but after the publicity surrounding the Notre Dame fraud, there’s a Georgia fan out there who evidently isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, either.  Sometimes Google can be your friend, ‘ya know?


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