Can you engineer a rivalry?

We learned last night that apparently you can.

All it takes is a night game between two SEC West teams that goes seven overtimes, complete with the SEC Network ineptly creating a controversy that didn’t exist…

… non-calls that were controversial…

… a Gatorade bath for Coach O that was premature (a call the officials did get right), and, of course, the obligatory post-game fight.

Quite the night, especially considering that the stakes weren’t that large.  LSU was hovering on the edge of a NY6 invite, but this was a game to see who finished second in the West, behind ‘Bama.

So, yeah, it’s on.  Just remember that next year they play in Baton Rouge… at night.  I’m sure cooler heads will prevail.


UPDATE:  Aaaannndddd… the punchline (see what I did there?).


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14 responses to “Can you engineer a rivalry?

  1. Greg

    Don’t think I would want to mess with Faulk, unless I had to.


  2. Doug

    Jimbo’s nephew was bragging about slugging Steve Kragthorpe? A 53-year-old guy with Parkinson’s??

    Hell, if my son did that I’d rain fire and brimstone down on him until he had to be identified by his dental records.


  3. Bob

    I think that might have been the worst officiated game in the long and glorious tradition of SEC officiating. I had no dog in that fight, but hard to not feel that LSU got jobbed multiple times. The PI and subsequent unsportsmanlike call on LSU in the endzone in one of those OTs was absurd. Kaeem Abdul Jabbar sitting on Wilt Chamberlain’s shoulders could not have reached that pass.

    When is it too many overtones? Those guys were spent on both sides. For all the talk of safety, I would say after 4 call it a tie. There are worse things in life..

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  4. Mayor

    Georgia has been subjected to crooked officiating more than any other program in the SEC but we’ve never started post game brawls. I dunno. Maybe we should if at least it exposes that the SEC is using officials to fix games. Not for it but I sure understand the way the LSU faithful feel. The wrong guys got punched, though. Should have been the zebras.

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  5. I’m sure nephew Cole has a lot going for him all on his own ability.

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  6. jt (the other one)

    Good Lord!


  7. Russ

    LSU was hosed repeatedly. Can’t stand the Aggies and their cult.

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  8. Gaskilldawg

    The officiating crew was the Matt Austin crew. Typical performance.


  9. LSU fans are trash, and A&M is a cult.

    This is going to be ugly for years to come. Awesome.