Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 2

I like to think I’m a good judge of dissing, so let me just say that this, folks, is world-class disrespect.

Yeah, like that’s gonna make a big difference next year.


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10 responses to “Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 2

  1. Merk

    Would be funny to watch the UGA scout team beat Tech using the Triple Option.

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    • I don’t know that you ever solve the TO, but superior athletes can make up for bad choices. That I formation with the ILBs was beautiful to watch. The fact we weren’t doing it every down had to frustrate the Genius to no end.

      I love what Kirby said that he just said he told the guys to play backyard football … kill the man with the ball.


  2. sniffer

    Will Walker be here all week? And will they have veal?


  3. Tronan

    He probably was just stating it as a matter of fact. How many of their players would qualify to be second – or even third – string for us?


  4. I’m too lazy, but I would like to see someone put together an analysis of whether any of their players held a UGA offers. I know that data is unreliable, but it would be directionally correct.


  5. The Dawg abides

    Has anyone heard who played QB for the scout team this week?


    • Erk's Forehead

      Yeah, freshman walk-on QB Mason Wood. Kirby’s first post-game comments on SEC Network yesterday praised the work of Wood, Erdman, Van Tiflin and all the scout team. What a great reward for those kids…

      Not for nothing, but if the scout kidsp really run the TO that well, mebbe we should consider a little package of plays for Bama. Might cause some Citadel first-half PTSD…


      • 92 grad

        How. Much. Fun. Would. That. Be? What a beautiful display of “we’re her to play” would that send? We would throw the kitchen sink and the whole kitchen and it would be glorious.


    • Anonymous

      I believe it was Mason Wood.

      Apparently Prather Hudson was the B-back. I don’t know this for sure, but those were the first two players that Kirby mentioned when talking about the scout team this week.

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  6. Makes perfect sense to me. Our practice squad has better athletes.