Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 3

TFW you didn’t get the license number of that Mack semi that ran your car off the road.

Speak for yourself, unidentified Tech staff person.


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7 responses to “Signs of a seal clubbing, Part 3

  1. Greg

    gonna leave a mark……………


  2. Russ

    I thought they were supposed to be smart.



    Got to wonder how long are they gonna put up with fish fry.


    • Friend of mine who is a long-time Fech ticket holder said Stansbury wants to keep Fish Fry around as long as they are competitive in the Coastal and can be bowl eligible … I think that’s code for “we can’t afford to buy him out or to deal with the rebuilding job that will ensue.”

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      • Uglydawg.

        Not claiming special knowledge or anything like that, but I feel like we may have seen the last of him, and it’s very sad. He seems like such a nice man.


      • DoubleDawg1318

        If Stansbury didn’t want Fish Fry, why did he give him a contract extension last year?


  4. Mike Cooley

    Was talking to a friend at church this morning and he said Fish Fry has convinced Tech that his stupid gimmicky offense is their only hope of being competitive. That seems like the truth. Some how Fish Fry has convinced them that he is the best they can do.