“Heroes have graced the field before you…”

I don’t know if you noticed, but they spruced up the Sanford Stadium field for the last game of the season.

Give B-M a little more time, and they’ll start selling off weekly naming rights for individual donors.


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  1. illinidawg

    Did you notice the Marching Redcoats slipping “Jingle Bells” into their music? What was with the kick returner for Tech. He looked liked he’d burned one on the sidelines as he clowned around while the ball sailed over his head on several kickoffs?


  2. I noticed. It looked tacky.


  3. Magill Society

    I know how you can improve your $eat in the Benz this week.

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  4. The Georgia Way

    Out with the moral sanctimony and in with cultivating our top end donor relationships. We have a new leader and a severe realignment of priorities and rewards were necessary to compete with The Red Elephant Clubs and IPTAYs of our world.

    Rest assured, winning in football is now a priority and we expect more from each and every one of you. The Process is not just applied to players and coaches. It is applied to the financial support structure of the program as well. This is not your father’s Georgia Way.

    Do your job and keep chopping wood.


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    • I agree. You cant be pissed at UGA for not spending money for one coach and then pissed again at them for raising money for the other.

      I have no problem with the Magill Society / Hedges / Silver Circle / etc. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        I think the issue was that they always had the money to spend, they were just too cheap to do it. Surely there must be a middle ground between stiffing assistant coaches on bonuses and redesigning football uniforms to look like they belong in NASCAR.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I’m cool with doing a little something extra to thank the people paying through the nose for the football team, yourself included, Senator.

    I’d love to see Georgia use those spots on the field during the other five home games to display some pride for our state or the university itself. I have always thought it was awesome that Clemson and South Carolina both have the palmetto tree on their field in those spots. I think Georgia should paint the Arch or some other symbol there to honor UGA and the state.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Georgia does a great job of recognizing its lettermen, its other sports achievers, its faculty, its academic and community service achievers, and its top contributors on and near these very same spots on the field.

      You don’t see this at other institutions and you rarely see it on TV. Like the open endzone, it highlights the university as much more than a football program.

      It is a differentiator.


  6. McGarity's Minutes

    All donations to the Georgia Bulldog Club made after February 28, 2019 will earn 2 points for every dollar donated. And Magill Society donations will earn 3 points for every dollar donated.