“Tech’s loss was so bad…”

Mark Bradley takes a stab at wit with the “how bad was it?” response that the loss was so bad it was almost a source of amusement for Paul Johnson.  Right, sure, whatever you say, Mark.

Actually Bradley does a better job of answering that when he writes,

For his part, Marshall wasn’t overly impressed with his conqueror. “I really don’t think they’re as good as they were last year,” he said, and he has a point.

Last year’s Bulldogs had Roquan Smith, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, three of Georgia’s best players ever.

Here’s the thing about that.  If you really think 2018 Georgia is a lesser version of the team it fielded in 2017, what’s the only sensible explanation for the Dawgs dominating the Jackets, both statistically and in the field of play, more Saturday than a year ago?

Now that’s funny.


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  1. FisheriesDawg

    Taquon Marshall finished with a quarterback rating of 3.1. It was only that high because he completed his first passes in the latter half of the fourth quarter (prior to that, Tech’s leading passer was 1-1 for 22 yards and he plays wide receiver).

    “But Tech runs the option”, you say, so QBR isn’t a fair metric; you have to take into account his rushing contributions. Good point, Marshall ran for 39 yards on 20 carries with a long of 9. Dude averaged less than two yards per carry, yet still managed to tie for the team lead in rushing.


  2. Milledge Hall

    N.A.T.S loss was sooooo bad….
    paul THE johnson got a contract extenstion!!!


  3. RangerRuss

    It could’ve been an historic ass kicking. But the Dogs have bigger fish to fry. Genius my ass.

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  4. J-DawG

    Last year Kirby got rid of McElwain and Booch, maybe he convinced Turkey Neck to consider retirement.


  5. dawgfan

    Tech is much closer to Georgia Southern and Georgia State in talent than it is to Georgia. They are about equal with Middle Tennessee and maybe a little better than Austin Peay and UMass. There is no way they should be a $75 ticket. They have a goofy offense, crappy defense, a geriatric fan base, and don’t lift weights. They might as well shut down the football program while they’re still ahead.


  6. Doug

    What is it with Georgia Tech QBs saying stupid shit in the wake of losses to UGA?

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  7. Down island way

    Ya really gotta love a person’s acceptance of reality……”they’re really not all that good,”……how many players/coaches have echoed similar statements (after defeat) about our beloved BULLDOGS this year…..kinda like the guy that gets his girl friend taken away by a better man, sees them on prom night and says” she ain’t that good lookin’ “…………….GO DAWGS!


  8. j4k372

    Did anyone else see Mullen’s interview after FU-FSU game?

    “We had that tough loss in a big game, competing for a championship against Georgia. We let them beat us twice. I hate saying that, because it takes away from Missouri — that’s a hell of a football team — but we didn’t come out. After that, we responded unbelievable well.”


  9. Anonymous

    what’s the only sensible explanation for the Dawgs dominating the Jackets, both statistically and in the field of play, more Saturday than a year ago?

    Kirby and Tucker finally implemented step #2 from my annual “how to stop Johnson’s offense” post. Step #2 is that you stop the dive by always giving the QB a keep read on the dive play. The unblocked lineman that is being read by the QB needs to attack the meshpoint. They did this on every option play yesterday (until the 3rd string came in) and it was beautiful. Our linemen were quick enough to force the QB into the edge defender after seeing the QB keep. At that point, the play turns into a schoolyard game of “Smear the Queer”.

    I regularly make the point that all of our DCs except Grantham have lost their first game against Johnson. None of them have lost any successive games. That isn’t happening anymore so long as Kirby is here. If we can get them to keep Fish Fry for 8 more years, we can overtake the streak.


    • Even if they fire the Johnson, the Drought is in jeopardy because whoever succeeds him is going to have to rebuild the roster from the ground up. Throw in how bad their S&C program is … we’re going to make them seriously consider ending the series as an annual game.