“Larry is a lavish guy; he likes extravagance…”

Now this is something.

Scott makes far more than Oregon State president Edward Ray ($588,000) and Oregon’s Michael Schill ($674,000). In fact, the commissioner makes more than any of the Pac-12 Conference head football coaches.

Scott is also paid more than Greg Sankey, the Southeastern Conference commissioner, who makes $1.9 million a year by comparison. Also, Scott makes more than Jim Delany, the Big Ten Conference commissioner, who brings home $2.4 million a year.

Sankey makes less than all 14 head football coaches in the SEC.

Larry Scott may not be much of a commissioner, but it sure seems like he’s a helluva salesman.


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6 responses to ““Larry is a lavish guy; he likes extravagance…”

  1. ASEF

    How Larry hasn’t become a full time punchline yet is beyond me.


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    So the guy in charge of all Pac-12 athletics is making more than those under him? Next you will tell me that the CEO of Coke makes more than his sales manager. As they say, great gig if you can get.


    • Russ

      No, they’re saying the top marketing rep for PAC-12 athletics is making more than the people responsible for the product.


  3. Would like to hear what Colorado and Utah now think of Uptown Larry’s conference (7 years later)…….that west coast crowd is set up to fail (long term debt), with no short term success (championships) in sight, other than Uptown Larry’s ability to write blank checks at will…hindsight is what it is, makes the SEC people look brilliant (to a degree).


    • Ricky McDurden

      When Cal has to drop out of the conference as a result of bankrupting their athletic department with a short sighted stadium reconstruction, it’ll give Larry the opportunity he needs to bring Boise St into the fold and really turn this thing around!


  4. AusDawg85

    Scott’s pay is more than the Pac12 Network makes.