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When it just means too much

Greg Sankey’s not happy with the behavior on display in the Egg Bowl and the post game celebration after the LSU-TAMU marathon.

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey wants Mississippi athletic director Ross Bjork and Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen to meet him in the league office to discuss “creating a healthier environment” for the annual Egg Bowl matchup.

I’m curious what he’s got in mind for that.  The players were penalized during the game, so what’s left to rein in passions that are, quite frankly, part and parcel of a bitter rivalry game?

As the header indicates, methinks ol’ Greggie is trying to have it both ways, given how the conference loves to promote the emotional side of SEC play.  Good luck on threading that needle, sport.

By the way, does anybody besides me find the last sentence of Jimbo’s statement weird?  I mean, what’s that got to do with the rest of what he posted?


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