“This is Hell.”

If your team lays a massive egg playing the coach who’s probably the biggest jerk in college football, you might as well assume personal responsibility for the disaster.


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10 responses to ““This is Hell.”

  1. barneydawg

    From reading the description too quicklu, I somehow thought this would be about Paul Johnson. Must have had something to do with the “biggest jerk in college football” part.


  2. 92 grad

    I can’t help but to feel like I’ve been there. We were even media darlings as “the most tortured fan base”.


  3. ASEF

    The final blow will be watching Northwesterrn be the one to take down Meyer.


  4. That was a weird read for 7:30 in the morning.


  5. Uglydawg.

    I think the score of that game says more about how bad the OSU efforts have been in other games than it does about Michigan not getting off the bus.
    Remember when we used to complain that UGA played to the level of it’s opponent? OSU has that demon now.

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  6. Got Cowdog

    That’s some serious angst right there.


  7. Whiskeydawg

    I would pay good money to watch Harbaugh & Meyer in a ferret legging contest.


  8. 69Dawg

    So that explains UGA v UF from 1990 until Urban left. I get it now, Saban is not Satan UF coaches of the past are. tOSU will end up in the Final Four by jumping OK and us. They might just jump ND and end up 3. I see this as the universe giving UM, OK and us the middle finger.