“And then he disappeared.”

If you haven’t subscribed to The Athletic, it’s a shame, because Seth Emerson’s story about Malkom Parrish, post-national title game ($$) is a must read.  Parrish has basically withdrawn from the public — I didn’t even realize he was still in school until Seth mentioned it — remains haunted by the final play of the game and apparently is disappointed by the reaction from others that has persisted.

From his former high school coach:

“He feels bad that a lot of people turned and said some ugly things about him. He felt like he gave Georgia everything he had. He felt like a lot of people turned on him at the end. But he was grateful to be able to play, and he had no regrets.

“He felt like he did the best he could.”

All you can say after the read is that you hope one day he finds a little peace.


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  1. 202dawg

    Football is a team sport. He needs to hear that from a lot of us.

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  2. Dovedawg

    Malkom Parrish always played hard. Although it was the final play of that game, one play never loses a game. There were multiple plays, and coaching decisions, and referee calls, that hurt the Dawgs from the mid third quarter on. We are proud of Malkom and the effort he gave in that game and during his entire career. We all hope that he can make peace with that final play and realize that Dawgnation feels that the is a DGD and always will be. Nobody should blame him for the outcome of the championship game, and we hope that he will not blame himself.

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  3. Timphd

    This is a sad statement about the small brained “sports fan” who can’t put things like football into context. I was crushed when that pass was completed but it would never cross my mind to say anything to or about Parrish or blame any one player. The team lost, not Malcolm. I wish I could meet him and say something positive. He was a DGD and doesn’t need to carry this with him.

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  4. Malkom Parrish was one of my favorite players the last 4 years. The young man was tough as nails and worked his tail off. I didn’t know he was playing with a screw in his foot all season.

    I hope Kirby, Tucker and Jonas Jennings hear about this and make sure they get him involved with the Paul Oliver Network. If he graduates in December, I hope Kirby has him in the pictures with all of the graduates.

    DGD …

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  5. Granthams replacement

    Parrish got picked on the entire 2nd half. He’s a good tackler but I’ll never understand why McGee wasn’t put in for him in the 4th quarter. It couldn’t have been any worse.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    That’s too bad. Sure, he wasn’t a great cover corner, but he was very good in run support and played his ass off. He also thought he had help over the top on that TD. Fans are often assholes.


  7. Jim

    I feel bad for the kid especially this week. Wonder if he can bring himself to watch the game. God only knows how many times we are going to have to watch that play over the next 3 days.

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  8. Cpark58

    Dude has nothing to be ashamed of. He played a big part on the best UGA team of his and a lot of fans’ lifetime. The team that ran through the SEC, stomped Florida, Tennessee, and Tech, shut Auburn up, rochambo’d with the number one offense in Pasadena and won, then out Alabama’d Alabama in Atlanta the next week and brought UGA back to national prominence. He’s not Bill Buckner, he’s an unpaid 20 year old amateur that bit on a lookoff by the best QB in college football and probably Alabamas history. The fact that he has to pay for his meals and bartabs in Georgia is disgraceful, let alone feels he needs to lay low.

    For the record one more time: He should have never been in the situation where a single misstep cost the team the game. The second half propping up of Alabama by the referees finally paid off, normally it doesn’t take OT for Alabama to take advantage of a break much less a handful of them in the second half. I know it’s tacky to blame the officials but any one of the blatant shitty calls/non calls go UGAs way and that game ends in regulation. I hope like hell UGA beats those SOBs into the sugar bowl.

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  9. Dan

    That was a great piece of sports journalism.

    Any “fan” that would give him shit after that is a pathetic person worthy of our pity.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    He needs to take heed of what Coach Smart always says and put it behind him. Focus on the future and on things he can accomplish going forward. Use it as motivation.


  11. That’s a tough read. I hope Parrish is ok with it. It was one play, there were dozens prior to that which could have ended the game earlier (the fact that Tua was almost stripped on the play prior is the one I can’t forget).

    Beat Alabama


  12. ugafidelis

    Well it sounds like we should all write a quick letter of support and send some positive vibes to Malkom. If CKS is anything like CMR, I’m sure he would pass them along to him.


  13. Mick Jagger

    Malcolm was/is a DGD. It’s a team sport.


  14. Derek

    Damn shame. Kid was a damn good player for a long time and we all know he was playing a bit gimpy. Malcolm didn’t play that right but neither did Sanders and I still say Kirby should have called TO after the sack to settle everyone down.

    Only one thing left to do boys:


    • Macallanlover

      That is where I am. I didn’t feel he was 100%, and had missed a lot of playing time while injured. He had always played better, the coaches had to see that and adjust. I have no doubt he gave it all he had. And Kirby should have called timeout after that sack of Tua and adjusted the mindset before that 2nd down play. There was a lot more field to defend and he was the guy who needed the help. Football is the ultimate team game and player performance is always linked to multiple players on each play. MP should not be carrying this burden. 2017 was a magical year and Parrish was a significant piece of it. The result in January was more than just that one play, a play that should never have even occurred.


  15. DoubleDawg1318

    I cussed him out in my living room after the play but I would never put all the blame on him, much less say nasty things to his face. I hope he finds peace and Dawg fans support his post football career. After all it’s only a game.


  16. I didn’t read it but I am assuming it was one of those articles where he references a bunch of losers from Twatter. Damn shame that medium is as popular as it is.


  17. dawgman3000

    Malkom was a solid corner before his foot injury. I wish him nothing but the best.


  18. Bulldog Joe

    Glad Malkom is still in Athens and off of Twitter.

    He is one of us, a DGD, and deserves to celebrate with this team when they pull off the improbable this weekend.


  19. 69Dawg

    I read this and the name Terence Edwards immediately came to mind. Our fans assign blame to a particular player for a loss and let it destroy the kids whole career at Georgia. So many things can get you beat picking one play is just stupid. We fans can be a real pain in the ass.


  20. Jt10mc (the other one)

    No DB who has ever played at any level hasn’t been toasted not even Neon Deion. In his case it was on the biggest stage not called the Super Bowl.
    He is and will always be a DGD.
    I only wish him the best. Must read piece.


  21. Debby Balcer

    I hope that he has support from the support staff and people reach out to him. He should not be wearing the blame for the loss. Chris Conley was treated the same way when he caught the pass to loss the SEC championship but he had much more football ahead of him to overcome it. I hope fans see this and realize they need to be better sports. He is a DGD and he needs to know it.


  22. Cousin Eddie

    Someone should send him the link to this article to see that he is actually loved by Dawg fans and he isn’t to blame.
    Until the players are actually paid complain about the coaches and refs, they are the professionals, because the SA is doing the best they can as “Amateurs.”
    I always like to watch him play, he played with heart and conviction (probably why he carries some guilty that he places on himself) that many of us should have in our daily lives.


  23. i know it says he isn’t updating twitter anymore, but he still has an account. I dropped him a private message. it would be cool if he had a huge influx of uplifting messages, especially this time of year


  24. Derek

    He should talk to Terrence.


  25. Atticus

    Dom Sanders horrible play too. What’s he doing now?


  26. JS

    This breaks my heart! He was and is a DGD that’s given more to the team we love than any of us, and he was a a part of one of our best ever, most incredibly fun seasons. I don’t define his career by that play and neither should he.

    So he’s not checking Instagram or twitter? Senator, if you know of a way to reach out to him please share. I am probably being dramatic but you just never know how some positive messages could make a difference. Perhaps if Seth’s article and even this post get enough comments someone could get them shared with Malkom.


  27. UGA '97

    Or the “people” turning on him can find some peace. Malkom & team got us to a place we haven’t been in almost 4 decades.