The Herbstreit Doctrine takes a new turn.

What in the wide, wide world of sports has happened to Kirk Herbstreit?

College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit believes Georgia — win or lose — could do enough in the SEC Championship Game against Alabama to impress the College Football Playoff selection committee ahead of this weekend’s final vote.

If all else goes according to plan elsewhere in the Big Ten, ACC and Big 12 title games, that would mean the Bulldogs could get in the final four over Ohio State and Oklahoma even if the top-ranked Crimson Tide win the SEC. They shouldn’t be penalized, Herbstreit says, for going toe-to-toe with the nation’s juggernaut.

“It’s subjective analysis, but you could make a case for it,” Herbstreit said during Tuesday’s appearance on Get Up!. “I think the way the (SEC Championship Game) plays out will go a long way in the argument post-game discussion into Sunday morning. If it’s a game like they had last year in the national championship and Georgia loses a close one like that, even with two losses, I personally think Georgia would have the very strong case (for the Playoff.).

“Their punishment for an 11-1 year will be to go playing Alabama. Ohio State? They get to play Northwestern. Oklahoma plays Texas. It’s a little bit different what Georgia has to go though and I think we need to take that into consideration at the end of the day. I’m not caught up in the ‘two losses, they’re automatically eliminated’ (stuff). If they play their tails off and lose a close one, I think they’ll have a case to be made.”

If Georgia loses Saturday and either Ohio State or Oklahoma wins, I don’t see any way in hell the selection committee leaves the Dawgs in the top four.  When Herbie has a more optimistic stance on Georgia’s playoff chances than I do, it’s time to wonder if he’s been replaced by a pod person.

If he really sticks with this argument after the championship games are played, I may have to amend the Lexicon.  Don’t make me go there, Kirk.


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37 responses to “The Herbstreit Doctrine takes a new turn.

  1. MDDawg

    “if all else goes according to plan”

    My plan would include tOSU taking an embarrassing loss to Northwestern in that championship game. Then I won’t have to listen to commentators spewing crap about how Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes “overcame adversity” to reach the playoffs.

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    • Greg P

      Northwestern has been propped up by the national media, but having them in the conference championship game is almost as embarrassing for the Big 10 as Pitt is for the ACC. Northwestern has lost to AKRON, beaten a 1-11 Rutgers team by a FG and lost to a 7-5 Duke team by 2 TD’s. They are comparable to GT from a talent perspective. I expect the Big 10 title game to be a lot like UGA-GT except OSU will keep pouring it on in the 2nd half.
      In regard to Herbstreit’s “close game” with Bama comment, he qualified that by saying something like “now, if Georgia loses by 10 points, they wouldn’t have a chance.”. So, playing Bama much closer than any team has all year wouldn’t be enough. We’d have to lose in the closing seconds like last year to warrant playoff consideration. Even in that scenario, I see very little chance a 2 loss UGA team gets in ahead of a 1 loss Big 12 or Big 10 champ.

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      • MDDawg

        I agree on all points, and I don’t think Northwestern has a chance. But if I was making a wishlist for this weekend, Ohio State losing would rank right behind UGA winning.


      • With the Black Pope at the controls, Lord help NW late in the game. Not saying it has B10 Champ ’14 possibilities, but Meyer would certainly be gunning for 59-0 again.


      • MGW

        Mark my words: even if we lose by a point based on a clearly bad call by a ref who turns out to have been paid off by a gambler, we aren’t going to the playoff, and the Sugar Bowl bid is going to UF or LSU. Guaranteed. Win or its some b.s. bowl game in Florida against a bad Big Ten team.


  2. JasonC

    The problem with that scenario is that if UGA loses a close game to Bama in the SECCG and manages to retain their #4 spot, then the CFP committee would essentially say, “we want to see that rematch over giving OU or Ohio St a crack at Bama”, which I just don’t see happening. I know there is some precedence, but I’m not buying that.
    Our best hope is Texas and NW winning. We might even need Pitt to chip in.

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  3. Etdf

    So let’s say he gets his wish and Dawgs lose a close one, on a last second fig. Wouldn’t that mean they are the 4 seed and playing Nama again?


  4. Timphd

    Herbie has been pro Georgia a lot this year. He loves Fromm and was one of the first to say that giving Fields the start would be a mistake. He also has said that Georgia was being penalized too much for the LSU game. I don’t know what is up with him but it is refreshing to not hear him trumping up OSU.

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  5. Down island way

    “If all else goes according to plan”,“Their punishment for an 11-1 year”,…..agent herbstreit, playing the roll tiders is not a punishment, our record means we are scheduled to meet another team on the field of play and having a plan leaves me thinking the WWL has the selection process a done deal (so to speak). agent herbstreit brings light to the DAWGS (win or lose) cause he knows if his buckboys fall on staurday, well lets say it did not go according to plan…….GO DAWGS!


  6. dawgman3000

    Well, he owes us that after the position he took against us in 2007.


  7. Got Cowdog

    Could he be subliminally protecting the Buckeyes?


    • 92 grad

      I definitely believe there’s some strategy at play here, whatever it is. He’s either laying the groundwork to promote Ohio state or he is building a narrative for playoff expansion. He’s posturing for something.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    We’ll make it easy for the committee and beat bama. Then the committee can agonize whether to let bama, tOSU, Ok, or UCF in.


    • Greg P

      They won’t agonize over it. Bama would be in as a 4 seed, maybe even a 3 seed ahead of ND. UCF won’t get in under any circumstance with their SOS and now their QB being hurt.


  9. dawg

    Moot. Dawgs are gonna win. Im just hoping Clemson then beats them in the playoff so we dont have to play them twice.


  10. Bigshot

    Talk, talk, talk. He is just saying that because he knows there is no way that will ever happen and to torture UGA fans. Don’t believe a word of it.


  11. A 2 lose UGA team is not going to get in, even though they are probably in the top three in terms of talent and results. The problem is that both UGA and Bama got in last year, and they would be penalized for that alone. Gotta win Saturday.


  12. Mick Jagger

    Maybe he’s distancing himself from Corch.


  13. Yurdle

    UGA is already in and controls its destiny. Win and advance. Lose and go home (to a NY6 bowl). It’s not fair to draw AL in the first round and it’s not fair for AL to be playing a double elimination tournament and it’s not fair for ND to be automatically in and it’s not fair that (you ge the point). But this is what playing for it all looks like. We have to beat AL. If we can’t, I don’t care if we lose on Saturday or in a bowl.


    • Uglydawg.

      yep. Who amongst us doesn’t have mixed emotions about the prospect of having to face Alabama twice? I wish Georgia could dispatch them this weekend and they’d be gone. But the truth is, Georgia will need a two game winning streak against them to win it all. But it’s a lot better set of shoes to be in than any of the rivals are in.


  14. It’s easy for Kirk to can say that now because he knows OSU has to look really impressive to move up and jump Oklahoma. If the look like they did against Maryland, there is no way they get in over Oklahoma or maybe even us if we lose in a tight game.

    Kirk’s tune will certainly change if OSU whoops Northwestern. And, it will be nauseating to hear him for Ga fans (assuming the close loss scenario plays out) or Oklahoma fans (he’ll just say their D sucks and OSU is a more complete team, they are peaking, etc.).

    He’s clever – hell, he even almost has the Senator buying his BS.


  15. Thorn Dawg

    WWL must have loved the ratings between Bama/Dawgs in January.

    Follow the ad money.


  16. Macallanlover

    I heard that interview with him earlier this week, and he articulated it well. I believe he was sincere and had to defend it against the radio hosts who seemed adamant that could not happen. I don’t think it will, the Committee just will not put themselves in that position against 3 conferences that are left out (maybe a 3-4 OT game with a failed 2 point conversion). I am OK with us not being in after a loss, but then I am not a “4 best teams” guy, because that can never be anything other than subjective. But I do believe Herbie was sincere in his position; still will not watch ESPN’s shows, just the CFB games.


  17. DawgByte

    He doesn’t mean a word of it.


  18. LakeOconeeDawg

    My wife and I were watching when Finebaum had him on yesterday. He said the same thing then and then my asked ” What happened? He doesn’t like UGA.” Damn……….when she is noticing the change in Herbie, hell is freezing over…………


    • Got Cowdog

      I was in the kitchen and heard him (on Finebaum) in the background. It was definitely a “That sounds like Herbstreit but that can’t possibly be Herbstreit,.” I looked around and sure enough……

      Is it a sign?


  19. Erk's Forehead

    I guess I’m alone in this, but I don’t want to be in the playoff if we can’t win the SEC.