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Today, in double entendres

Talkin’ ball.  Heh.


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What they **really** mean when they say, “It just means more”

One of these is not like the others.

And that is why anyone who suggests the next round of CFP expansion should be coupled with the elimination of conference championship games will be laughed out of the room.  The SEC ain’t giving up that sweet, sweet cash source.


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One down, one to go

PFF’s top five college players, regardless of position:

Hey, the first team defense handled Isabella pretty well in the first half.  Maybe it’s a sign.


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Just stop, Herbie.

There you go again.

Herbstreit said the change in Georgia has been evident since Fromm became the clear-cut No. 1 and the quarterback controversy talk tailed off.

“I think from the LSU game, they just said, ‘we’re done thinking about that, Fromm you’re our guy,’ and they’ve been a different team,” Herbstreit said. “They put the ball in his hands and this guy has been there and done that even though he’s a sophomore

“I think his experience in this game a year ago, if I were a Georgia fan would give me great confidence, and they’ve got outstanding wide receivers.”

Maybe it’s some kind of weird reverse voodoo.


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Pop up PSA

I appreciate the scores of folks sending me messages about the annoying pop up ads that are hijacking their devices when they visit here.  I’m not a techie, but I have been in contact with WordPress, which has been diligently trying to find a fix.

The problem is that they haven’t been able to recreate the problem on their end.  As a result, they’re trying to reverse engineer the situation to see if they can get to the root cause.

They’ve asked me to share this request with you guys.

Can you ask the users who have complained to trying clearing out their browser cache – https://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/#clearing-your-browser-cache

Let me know if that stops the redirect for them.

Those of you who have been struggling with this, please let me know in the comments if that has any effect on your browsing experience here at the blog.  I’ll pass your comments on.

Thanks.  And sorry…


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You can leave your hat on.

Nessler said something needs to be done with the CFP in terms of conference championship games, citing an assumption No. 3 Notre Dame’s inclusion into the Final without a conference title game.

“Either get rid of them,” he said of the conference title games, “or they need – as a committee – to say they don’t matter at all. It’s one or the other. You can’t have it both ways and they have had it both ways.”

That last sentence ought to become the official motto of the selection committee.  The problem for us is that while most people are like Brad Nessler and see being… um, let’s say dual-sided as a bug, the folks running the sport see it as a feature.  There are dangers in consistency that are best avoided if your real goal is spreading the wealth among the wealthy.

In this specific case, make a conference championship a necessary ticket to ride and you automatically exclude independents like Notre Dame, a program that has a national brand that commands a lot of attention and financial consideration.  Flat out deny conference championships as a qualifier and you make it much more likely that a top heavy conference — you know the one I’m talking about — has an improved chance of crashing the semis with two programs.

The P5 commissioners don’t want to be locked in either way, so they structure the committee in a way that lets subjectivity control the results far more than was the case under the BCS.  It’s also how you have the absurdity of ADs from Ohio State and Oklahoma sitting in judgment even as their football teams vie for a spot in the CFP semis.

Oh, right, I forgot.  Everybody checks their hats at the door.  Problem solved.


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Prop bets for Alabama-Georgia

Wanna make a wager on who wins the Dr. Pepper halftime contest?



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Corch is so, so precious.

You’ll be shocked, shocked to learn that horseshit is flowing from the mouth of Urban Meyer.

The Buckeyes looked dominant in dispatching Michigan on Saturday, but Meyer didn’t bite when asked whether his team deserves to be in the conversation for a national championship.

“I don’t think we are yet,” he said, noting that there are areas of the game where his team  national caliber and “certain areas we are not.”

So, if Ohio State squeezes by Northwestern to win the Big Ten title, does that mean he’s going to suggest to the selection committee that it not place the Buckeyes in the top four?


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As Fromm goes, so goes Georgia?

Pete Fiutak shares an interesting statistic.

That Jake Fromm guy is pretty good, too.It got lost in the wash, and the stats weren’t that amazing overall, but he was the coolest guy in the room against Alabama in the national championship. He has seen Alabama before in an even bigger moment than this – he’ll be more than fine under the pressure.

There was one bad game this year against LSU, and how did he respond? 17-of-24 for 240 yards and three touchdowns in the win over Florida.

So far in his two years, when he hits at least half of his passes, Georgia is 23-0. When he connects on 50% of his throws or fewer, the Bulldogs are 1-3.  [Emphasis added.]

For what it’s worth, Alabama is allowing passers to complete 50.6% of their throws.

No pressure, Jake.


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Today, in people are great

I don’t do a lot of requests here at the blog, but I couldn’t resist posting one for you today.  Yesterday, I received this Twitter DM:

Lin Clayton here. Long time reader of the blog. I wanted to see if you wanted to share this on your page: my son, Luke, 10, is at the Cleveland Clinic undergoing tests before surgery to repair a tissue malformation that causes him to have seizures in his sleep (benign rolandic epilepsy). I got in touch with Nick Chubb’s agent and he came by for a visit yesterday. I can email you the entire clip (you may have already seen it shared by Radi Nabulsi). Let me know and I’ll send you pics and or the clip. Thanks and Go Dawgs!

I’m a class of 99 alumnus and season ticket holder since 2003.

Screenshot_2018-11-29 Twitter Notifications

Awesome on so many levels — Nick, obviously, without me really needing to say it, but also just how great it is to be able to share a story like this with the online community.

You’re still the best, Dawgnation.


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