As Fromm goes, so goes Georgia?

Pete Fiutak shares an interesting statistic.

That Jake Fromm guy is pretty good, too.It got lost in the wash, and the stats weren’t that amazing overall, but he was the coolest guy in the room against Alabama in the national championship. He has seen Alabama before in an even bigger moment than this – he’ll be more than fine under the pressure.

There was one bad game this year against LSU, and how did he respond? 17-of-24 for 240 yards and three touchdowns in the win over Florida.

So far in his two years, when he hits at least half of his passes, Georgia is 23-0. When he connects on 50% of his throws or fewer, the Bulldogs are 1-3.  [Emphasis added.]

For what it’s worth, Alabama is allowing passers to complete 50.6% of their throws.

No pressure, Jake.



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16 responses to “As Fromm goes, so goes Georgia?

  1. Bigshot

    One bad game, but my question is how many bad games has Tua had? I hope the Dawgs win but…….

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  2. Down island way

    “Verrrry interesting…”


  3. dawgman3000

    I don’t think this game will be about the qb’s. I think it will come down to who can establish a consistent run game. I really believe that UGA can run the ball at will on anyone including Bama. Fromm +strong running game =bad day at the ball park for the opponents.


  4. Rocketdawg

    If we can run the football and establish the play action game I like our chances. If we get stonewalled and abandon the run like at LS7 then I don’t like Jake having to drop straight back and throw. Their pass rush is too good for that.


  5. Dave

    Of course, that stat has some overlap. “At least half” is 50%, but it also has the other side of the coin with “50% or less”.

    He landed smack dab on 50% in the NCG last year against Bama.

    Regardless, though, it does go to show that when the passing game is at least not a disaster, we win.


  6. Mayor

    Oversimplification. When Jake completes 50% or less, the other team’s D has a lot to do with it, particularly the DBs and the pass rush. It’s not like he forgot how to pass and just starts throwing it into the ground.


    • Uglydawg.

      And the offenses Alabama has faced has a lot to do with their defensive stats. If the (average or mean) QB Alabama has faced has completed half of his passes, I’ve got to believe JF , behind UGA’s O line, receivers, and running game, can beat that by a good bit.
      Same with the running game. Scoring. etc. I really like Georgia’s prospects on offense.
      It’s Georgia’s defense that has to come up with some meanness.
      Special teams should favor Dawgs.
      Intangibles favor Dawgs.
      Practical application of common sense favors ‘Bama.
      Heart favors Dawgs.


  7. Macallanlover

    Kid is cool, competitive, and a winner. OL is the key, give a sliver of space to the RBs, and 3 seconds to Fromm when passing; with our RBs, receivers, and our State Fromm agent man the Dawgs have to be in it. We are really good on offense, and I think we will be fine on Saturday unless the D gets us too far behind and having to play desperate.


  8. Tony Barnfart

    I think the key to the game is whether Georgia can dial up not-yet-seen pressure packages to help our mismatches on the back end. My hope is that Kirby views blitzing like the defense’s version of a trick play–why reveal it if you don’t have to. Our pass D and explosive play D metrics back that up, regardless of the paltry sack rate.


  9. UGA '97

    Asterisk by one of those losses please. You know which one that is.