Corch is so, so precious.

You’ll be shocked, shocked to learn that horseshit is flowing from the mouth of Urban Meyer.

The Buckeyes looked dominant in dispatching Michigan on Saturday, but Meyer didn’t bite when asked whether his team deserves to be in the conversation for a national championship.

“I don’t think we are yet,” he said, noting that there are areas of the game where his team  national caliber and “certain areas we are not.”

So, if Ohio State squeezes by Northwestern to win the Big Ten title, does that mean he’s going to suggest to the selection committee that it not place the Buckeyes in the top four?



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8 responses to “Corch is so, so precious.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I know it’s sarcasm, but I’m not really shocked. Corch’s lips were moving.


  2. He is the worst person in a industry full of terrible people.

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