The salesman

I don’t think it’s his intent, but Jeff Schultz ($$) wrote something about Georgia Tech’s search for Paul Johnson’s replacement that made me chuckle.

Still, many fans and media expected more. Some job candidates will phone Johnson to ask about the place. They’ll get an honest answer.

The idea that a guy who famously couldn’t be bothered to sell his own program to recruits is going to offer feedback about the Georgia Tech job to his peers… yeah, that’s amusing.



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14 responses to “The salesman

  1. Bright Idea

    Regardless of the Xs and Os Tech will need a much more positive guy than Fish Fry. His disdain for recruiting and the Tech Way was very evident.


  2. J-DawG

    Would they even consider Hugh Freeze? That hookup could get interesting.


  3. Paul

    I worked with a guy who was Johnson’s SID at Navy. Johnson was a jerk to everyone, including the people inside his own department who were working to make his life easier. But he loved sharing his opinions. I think Jeff might be right. Georgia Tech, however, might prefer he keep his mouth shut.

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  4. Tony Barnfart

    Everything about that program blows my mind. They’re almost like the polar opposite of UCF….. in a Power 5 conference but appear to go out of their way to operate like a Group of 5 program. It’s frustrating to hear the UCF’s refer to TV money received by the Alabamas and Georgias of the world as “welfare checks” (if we got that welfare check like them etc)……….but with Georgia Tech, their ACC affiliation is an absolute welfare check.


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers New WR Corch

    There are some fans who keep posting there who are so beaten down all they do is make excuses about academics as a coping mechanism for why they haven’t been consistently relevant since the 90’s. One guy kept peddling the “all students must take calculus” lie until I confronted him with the truth which is found through a quick Google search.

    THEN the same guy bellyaches about Tech only have 34 non-STEM degree programs while Stanford has over 60, and that’s why they can’t recruit, as if the programs they do have have seat limits or something.

    Paul Johnson has them all screwed up. A good Air Raid coach like Mike Leach or Major Applewhite could come in with the talent they have right now and a good graduate transfer QB and win 8-9 games next year. Then, because they could actually recruit some good defensive players they can’t now (running the triple options kills recruiting for offense AND defense, because what d-lineman with NFL aspirations wants to get cut over and over again every day in practice for three years), in a few years they could dominate that terrible division they’re in every year.

    I know some of y’all want the NATS to go winless every year, and as much as I hate them and Florida and Auburn, I don’t want them to be bad. I want them to be good, so when we beat them, it helps our SOS and our positioning for the playoff. Right now they kill our SOS.


    • Reipar

      I never understood this argument. They don’t kill our sos. We had the number 3 sos before we played them and after.


    • Bulldog Joe

      GT’s arrogant ineptitude is more Georgia Way than we ever were.

      Count me as one who wants the NATS to go winless every year.

      Georgia State or Kennesaw can take their place.


    • stoopnagle


      They act like their athletes don’t take it across the street at Atlanta Metro. Which is exactly what they do when they’re a “Literature, Media, and Culture Studies” major or whatever.


  6. Randall Adams

    My two sons both had friends who played for him. To be fair, we are talking about 4 or 5 guys here. So it is a small sampling. But all of them talked about what an absolute jerk Johnson is. No doubt in my mind that it has hurt his ability to recruit.


  7. 69Dawg

    Think about this, Paul Johnson will be eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame and Erk will still not be able to get in. I really hate that a lot.