There’s more than one way to impose your will.

This is pretty impressive.

To date, against Georgia’s defense, opposing FBS quarterbacks have managed to convert only 3.24% of their pass attempts into touchdowns.

Something’s gotta give.


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7 responses to “There’s more than one way to impose your will.

  1. Sweet D

    He can throw the slant, we get it. 😉

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  2. MDDawg

    Pass defense wins championships?


  3. ASEF

    Georgia’s run defense depends on a lot of help from the DBs. If Alabama figures out how to make them pay for that, he might hit 13%. The DL is the glaring weak link in this matchup. They better have their best game of the season.


  4. Uglydawg.

    That 13 percent figure is gaudy, but I doubt it’ll stand up to Georgia’s defense.
    Barnhartish for certain, but the reality is that Georgia can hope to limit Tua’s success, not stop it. Should be able to accomplish that.
    Alabama has it’s own set of problems with Georgia’s offense, too


  5. Uglydawg.

    BTW..Did I miss it or have the Kharmic Bitches been silent of late?


  6. Beave

    Just curious..the touchdown passes from non-qbs in the South Carolina and Auburn are not counted for right? Someone actually digs into the data to confirm that when making that stat?