Adventures in hair splitting

Truly, is there anything that says Tennessee football more convincingly than worrying more about whether Hugh Freeze is a good fit with Jeremy Pruitt’s coaching philosophy than about how a program and its fan base were more squeamish about hiring a guy with a random third-party account about how he may have heard something bad about another coach’s behavior than a guy who chased hookers and whose recruiting practices  put his school on NCAA probation?

Though for most Vol fans I have to admit that last point is way more a feature than a bug.


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6 responses to “Adventures in hair splitting

  1. Mike Cooley

    FU used to the rival I hated most. Then Auburn over took them after 2010. The Viles seem to be fighting to take the top spot.


  2. ChiliDawg

    There was never any genuine concern over Schiano because of ties to the PSU thing. Ever. Tennessee fans claiming moral reasons for being against that hire were always full of shit. That was a transparent excuse for being unhappy with the hire because he didn’t meet their unrealistic expectations of who they would get.


  3. Jack Klompus

    UT trying to out Auburn Auburn by hiring Freeze. They’re fan base justification sounds exactly like the Wareaglers.


  4. Whiskeydawg

    I sure miss Butch Jones.


  5. The other Doug

    Fulmer just found Pruitt’s replacement after 2020.