And now, a word about Jake Fromm

I have a love-hate relationship with Gary Danielson.  He’s as good as it gets as an in-game analyst, but, damn, he can drive me crazy when he goes off on a non-game tangent.

Yesterday, he was harping on the perception of Jake Fromm as a game manager instead of an elite quarterback.  While on its face, that’s a strange dichotomy — why can’t a quarterback be good at managing the game while being an elite talent? — I do think there’s an underlying truth to the point he was clumsily making.

In a year of brilliance from Kyler Murray (205.72 passer rating) and Tua Tagovailoa (202.30 passer rating), it is easy to overlook Jake Fromm, who, by the way, is third-ranked nationally in passer rating behind those two.  That is for a couple of reasons.  One, Fromm isn’t the runner those two are.  Two, he’s generally not called on to carry the team with his arm.  (He’s 84th nationally in pass attempts.)

But that doesn’t mean he’s not an elite talent.  Consider this:

If that’s not elite, then I guess Watson was just a game manager, too.

By the way, Jake finished yesterday’s game with a passer rating of 154.31.  Tua’s was 92.30.


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  1. Jake has been the best QB on the field for the last 2 games with Bama. It’s too bad the officiating took one away and a bad coaching decision took the other.


  2. Gurkha Dawg

    Damn right. Fromm is elite. I’ve been accused of hating on Fields because I have insisted that Fromm is the starter and Fields isn’t even close. I’m not disparaging Fields, just saying how great Fromm is. I would rather have Fromm as our QB than anyone else in the country. Let’s see how Murray does against the Bama D.

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  3. gastr1

    Listen, Fromm played a great game. But two years in a row he has not hit the big pass when needed to keep the ball and go for the game-winning score. He needs this under his belt to get to the next level, IMO– against anyone. (A couple of those plays last night, he missed the checkdown receiver and went again to the tight-window sideline, and for whatever reason, Alabama was covering that even more tightly…they were also blitzing up the middle and you’d think Nauta would have been open– or they should have had Swift leak to the middle instead of on the edge.)

    Fromm played a great 3.5 quarters. He has work to do with the game on the line. He did tremendously against Florida. We need more games like that for him to gain this experience.


    • Flying Peak Dawg (formerly AusDawg85)

      It just seemed that we don’t know how to run a 2 minute drill the way the pros do. We had plenty of time to take quick 7-8 yard outs to Swft and open receivers, especially with two TO’s to take a shot over the middle. But you are right, Jake forced balls deeper than he needed into coverage. That’s coachable, but should already be in the skill set.

      I’ve stated and believe Fromm is a championship caliber QB and we need to let him have every opportunity to win one. Fields is clearly not ready, but the only way to develop him is to give him the starting job. He may have the different (not necessarily better) skill set to beat Bama. What a conundrum. Glad I’m not Kirby with these decisions, but don’t know that they have got this figured out yet either.


      • gastr1

        We ran the two-minute drill amazingly well against other teams this year. Fromm is a rhythm QB. He needs to hit that first safe pass to get rolling. He thrives in going fast. But it appears he gaks up when the pressure’s on.


    • Macallanlover

      Goodness, UGA has some curious fans. All spring and fall we have heard BS like this questioning a guy who has answered every bell since his shocking early entry against Appy in game 1 of the 2017 season as a true freshman. Has he thrown an INT? Yes, damn him. Has he had an off day, or missed an open receiver, or not found the best choice of targets when one was more open? Unfortunately, he has. At UGA, that is reason for consternation and message board Nancy’s to call for the back up. Not sure that Kirby didn’t fall for some of that given the silly way we brought in Fields with one and done handoff opportunities.

      For all the talk about the fake punt, most are overlooking that Smart/Chaney squandered the first play of that drive with Fields in for what was a waste of a crucial down. Put us behind the chains, and left us with 2 downs to pick up a critical 1st down, which left us with a 4th and 11. As I read this morning, not playing Fromm for every single down in a big game was as dumb as the fake punt.

      Look at his numbers and tell me how there can be any doubts for this young man. Like others, I notice the brilliant throws and decisions which far outnumber the shortcomings…and in big games as well as the average contest, or cupcake. Guess you see what you want fella, because we are damned lucky to have had him these past two years. I wish Fields well, and cannot wait until he is ready to assume the QB duties, he will have some very large shoes to fill.

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      • gastr1

        You’re leaving out 100% of the nuance I was trying to point out.
        No player or coach is perfect (possible except the almighty Saban). Sony Michel fumbled for a pick 6 last year that almost cost us that game. IN FACT, fumbling was one of Sony’s issues going to the pros. No one’s perfect! It doesn’t mean we don;t love them anyway!

        Fromm was 6/15 for 58 yards in the 4th last night. Which is understandable, because he played like the best player on the planet the other three quarters.

        If you think that I don’t want Fromm, think Fields should be in there, don’t think Kirby f’ed this up, all that… well, then you’re not understanding where I’m coming from. Fromm had a great game for 3 quarters. He is a great quarterback 95% of the time, in my view. He has room for growth, just as CKs does as a coach.

        Please. A nuanced critique is not the same as saying he should go away or somehow isn’t appreciated for the great player he obviously is.

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      • Olddawg55

        Couldn’t agree more, Mac…with your QB analysis and your Scotch. I think the only real breakdown in the game was not letting Fromm and his bevy of receivers go for the critical first down instead of the fake, BUT, a man whose job it is to run the Dawg team made a decision and since it’s easy to criticize from my recliner, and having made those decisions myself, I think it’s just the breaks and accept the final verdict. We made our point to the nation and (damn, what a sentence!) the Dawgs have nothing to feel shameful about…on to the Sugar bowl, and glory!!


  4. Will Trane

    Fromm had an outstanding game last night against the premier D line and defense in D1 football.
    He was outstanding in the Rose Bowl.
    Chaney sorta handcuffed in the last half of the NCG, but he was a true freshman. What I remember about the game seeing Pruitt come up to Fromm post game to talk with him. No doubt he probably congratulated him on his play.
    I heard this this morning about the two games Tide and Dawgs have played in 2018. There were 209 plays between the two teams, Bama only lead 9 of those.
    Fromm was the game manager in those plays. Now game manager vs elite is really separating hairs.
    What would have helped Fromm last evening would have been to have a healthy Baker, May and Cleveland on the O line, plus,
    A healthy Monty Rice at LB.


    • gastr1

      Please, let’s make the distinction here: it’s not Chaney “handcuffing” Fromm, it’s Kirby. It’s Kirby that wants to manhandle people in the second half.

      I guarantee you that any other OC will be doing the same thing under CKS until CKS changes his mind.


  5. Macallanlover

    Anyone else baffled about what Alabama did differently in the 4th quarter to confuse our OL? Before that, we had a decent running attack, and Fromm had time to step into throws in passing situations on most downs. Then it was like a switch flipped and our offense resembled the jailbreak we saw in Baton Rouge. Haven’t watched the replay yet but it looked like they were jamming the line and playing fast and furious while we couldn’t stop their penetration on virtually every snap. Night and day from the first 2 and 1/2 quarters.


    • 2675miller

      Both last year and this year and in 2012 for that matter, when they are down in the mid 3rd quarter they shut down by getting more in the box. On first down they are going to load the box to keep you to less than 3 yards. If it is a pass they rush more than you can block. IF you can block them then you have a chance at a blg play. That led to the long td to hardman td last year and the long nauta catch this year but nothing after those plays.They are really good at covering the “hot” receive on those plays leaving the qb no time for the second read. The goal of their front is to disrupt and they succeeded in doing that from the mid 3rd on both last year and this year. I’m thinking on the they needed to spread the field and throw a quick wr screen and make them make a play one on one outside. They had a year to figure this out and failed to do so.


  6. Anonymous

    What is getting missed in the QB rating is that our defense was good enough yesterday to knock Tua out of first place. He was 10/25 164 yards 1 TD and 2 INT. 51 yards and the TD came on the pass to Waddle. That would be 9/24 for 113 yards 0 TD and 2 INT. That game literally should cost Tua the Heisman. The question is, how many people sent in their ballots early and how many are going to vote Fromm in 3rd place?


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  8. Got Cowdog

    Fromm is one of the best QB’s to ever wear the G, maybe the best, time will tell. Watching Saturday I was getting really frustrated with Chaney for sticking Fields in for random plays until I realized what he was doing: If JC or one of the other assistants sees something, They send Fields in to hand it off and spend the play coaching Fromm. Fields is likely not ready for prime time but a handoff to one of our backs is pretty much foolproof. Fromm gets to look something over and take it back to the huddle. I don’t think the coaches are catering to Fields at all (As has been mentioned in earlier posts) and if this is what’s happening that makes them pretty damn clever IYAM.
    We didn’t win it, but a buddy of mine texted saying he was “Damn happy to be a Bulldog” and “Damn happy to be a royal pain in the ass for Alabama, how good it makes me feel to know that for two years in a row the Dawgs made Alabama fans feel like they were going to throw up for nearly 4 hours.”
    Next year lets make them puke. It’s coming.