Love and kisses, the Selection Committee

Logically, this makes no sense.  Georgia should either be ahead of both one-loss conference champs, or behind both.

But as an “FU” to Corch?  Totally.

Well played, people.


UPDATE:  The man is shameless.

I guess every coaching staff should have a sexual abuser on it.


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32 responses to “Love and kisses, the Selection Committee

  1. Dawg1

    He really is a “schmuck,”


  2. What a joke. Is it me or does it seem the argument they give for or against a team completely contradict the argument they make for or against another team?

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  3. illinidawg

    We were never getting in over a one-loss Oklahoma team that won the rematch with Texas, never.


    • Anonymous

      ^ Exactly this. Oklahoma had a 3-point loss which they avenged yesterday. We had a 20 point loss to LSU while Tosu had a 29 point loss to Purdue. I know the term the Committee uses is “4 best teams”, but I think Oklahoma is more deserving of the slot than we are… even if I think we win by 10 on a neutral field.

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  4. Bo

    None of it matters. We had a clear path to the playoff and didn’t close the deal. We were never getting in with two losses.


  5. Russ

    On to Nawlins. Let’s barbeque some beef!


  6. It would feel like a cheat getting into the playoffs after last night. We knew our fate after losing to LSU.


  7. The other Doug

    This will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and this football team.

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  8. sniffer

    It was a safe decision. OU brings everything the CFP wanted/needed without the tragic baggage Meyer would carry into the lead up. And they avoided the controversy of putting UGA in ahead of OU. No one who matters will defend OSU.

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  9. Hunkering Hank

    What the selection committee’s decision ignores is that the outcome of the SEC championship game is illegitimate due to poor refereeing. It is to the point that the underlying process has been delegitimized. It’s like an election in Venezuela.


  10. Doggoned

    OK, it is the Day After. I’m fine with a number five ranking, so please just beat Texas badly. We showed we have the best quarterback in the country going into next season. We will fight another day.


  11. J.G.

    Don’t think we have a letdown against Hook ‘Em U. If indeed we don’t, it’ll be a massacre. Speaking of massacres, can’t wait to play ND next season. I hope we beat ’em 70-0 and break their smirking QB Ian Book (got to be the most obnoxious name in CFB history) into at least four pieces.


    • Macallanlover

      What in the hell is obnoxious about Ian Book’s name? I have never cared much about ND by any measurement, but someone’s name (alone) has never upset me. Admittedly, I didn’t think much of the ND SID changing the pronunciation of Theisman’s last name to promote a Heisman campaign, but his actual birth name didn’t offend me.


      • Anonymous

        Some of our fans don’t take kindly to none of that fancy book learnin’. Even the word book is triggering.

        jk, JG.


  12. Charlottedawg

    I really wish we could play Ohio State in our bowl game. we’d beat them so badly urban Meyer would have to forget to report it.

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  13. Seattle Dawg

    Norte dame’s schedule is atrocious and they will be blown out. Do you think if we had played Arkansas instead of LSU we’d be in the playoff?

    If so, then why are we scheduling Clemson and Texas by choice. Would you have picked a rare road trip to Baton Rouge over Arkansas this year?

    I love how the teams are described as one-loss or two-loss, which gives away the secret to increasing odds of playoff selection.

    Don’t take AP classes. Take shop and be a 4.0 team.

    Seems that one program on the field yesterday has figured this out.

    Hope that road trip to Austin is worth it. Not sure why we need to decrease our chances of a playoff selection for a trip to a city that is open for visitation 365.


  14. HiAltDawg

    Wow Corch, can I get an award for putting out the house fire that my crack pipe started?

    p.s. I apologise to all crack smokers for grouping them with Corch


  15. Uglydawg.

    It is what it is. Meanwhile, I’m going to look forward to the whole playoff/bowl season and I am ESPECIALLY looking forward to see what Jake Fromm is going to accomplish next year with a much more mature team and a deeper O line.
    Almost every sprorts mouther on TV this morning was saying that IF the system is pure, Georgia should get in…while doubting “The Committee’s” backbone to do make it happen. They were right.


  16. Tom Nash

    I read somewhere (Mandel?) recently the Corch doesn’t get credit for navigating crisis of his own creation. Obviously this point is missed by Corch.


  17. Flying Peak Dawg (formerly AusDawg85)

    Need to bring Muscat’s car back.