Making it up as they go along



Anybody think Georgia would be a 14-point ‘dog in a rematch?  (Hell, it wasn’t that big a spread in the SECCG.)

Again, not making the point that the Dawgs deserve to be in the CFP, just showing up the lack of consistent reasoning that goes into a subjective process.  That’s not gonna change with an eight-team field, either.


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  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Shoot, Bama made the playoff last year and didn’t even win their division , so they can miss me with all that “conference champion” stuff.

    Still, even a close loss to LSU might have thrown us in there. Baton Rouge blowout killed us


    • Dawg1

      CFP Chair: Conference win trumped strength of schedule.

      And the talking heads are so ridiculous. That Dinisch talking about UGAs out of conference schedule, when their entire schedule was SIXTH in the country.

      Ohio State in ’16 got in over their OWN conference Champ and Alabama last year over other conf. champs like OSU.

      Auburn was number 2 in final poll before SECCG last year with TWO losses already.

      They talk out of both sides of their mouth to justify feelings.


      • Macallanlover

        Ridiculous and Dinisch = redundant. There are a lot of reasons why it should have been us, but the main one was it shouldn’t have been us. We were in a play in game and lost, has to be consequences. We are further along than I thought we would be this year and should start next year in a high position with what we have coming back. Our schedule next year gives us a chance to move to the top. All is good. Last night hurt, Kirby has to get them back up for Texas now.

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        • Play in game? I thought it was clear the conference games were separate from the playoffs. If the conference. Championships are playing games, then everyone should be required to have one, not reward a team for not playing.


      • Jt10mc (the other one)



  2. Kirel13

    Any time a room of people has to vote then consistent logic is hard to reach….it means there were some serious hardcore Georgia support in that room…


  3. Will Trane

    Now is Notre Dame getting in on old history or being undefeated.
    I’d put OU ahead of ND.
    Remember back in the season when ND played Vandy. They were lucky to win.
    That game forced ND to change QBs because the alleged highly regarded ND defense had to play 90 plays against that highly regarded Vandy offense.


  4. John Denver is full of shit...

    But, did they have to dress business professional for the vote?


  5. Olde Dawg

    Strength of schedule hurt us with five out of conference cup cakes and a weak SEC east. We lost to the only two good teams we played. Perhaps ADGM will abandon the UF paradigm and start scheduling some better games.


  6. Aladawg

    At least we’ll get “a set of steak knives”


  7. Bulldog Joe

    We had our chance yesterday and blew it going all-in trying to draw on an inside straight with the telegraphed fake.

    Not sure if Fields was given the option to take a delay or a timeout if the play wasn’t there. I suspect he was not given that option.

    Sounds like Kirby wanted to quick snap before Alabama recognized there were no blocking backs in the formation. With 11 yards to make, it’s a low percentage play at best.

    Looking at a punt safe defense with three linebackers pointing at my QB, I suspect most coaches would have taken the contingency if they had planned for it.

    Great effort wasted again. Time to make up for it on the recruiting trail.


  8. Go to eight and the problem will be solved. After eight forget it.
    Recruiting trail time and also, time to get as good bagmen as Bama has.


  9. Turd Ferguson

    This is going to be the least interesting CFP ever. Absolute blowouts in the semifinals, and then Alabama is going to crush Clemson. Then I hope we take care of business in the Sugar and remove all doubt that we’re one of the two best teams in the country.


    • Mayor

      I’m not so sure about Bama crushing Clemons Turd. The Bama team I saw looked beatable and would have lost if not for help from the refs.


      • PTC DAWG

        Agree, to hell with Bama


      • Turd Ferguson

        Clemson benefitted from an ACC schedule that’s even weaker than it usually is (e.g., FSU, Miami); and even then, they barely escaped Syracuse (at home). They played two middle-of-the-pack SEC teams, and looked vulnerable both times, almost losing to Texas A&M and giving up 600 yards of offense to South Carolina (almost twice what they gained against us). Not saying they don’t deserve to be #2, but a closer look suggests they’re not nearly as good as people are giving them credit for.

        And FYI, Alabama looked beatable because Georgia is that good. Unless Tua is still hurting, or the Tide lose others to injury, Clemson doesn’t stand a chance.

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  10. Borodawg

    I don’t care much for bama.


    • Olddawg55

      I don’t either but I respect them. I live in the state and with my Georgia plates and wearing Georgia apparel I get respectful comments from complete strangers who know they were lucky to win Saturday. We may not have made the CFP but people understand that a damn good team showed up nationally to earn everyone’s respect.


  11. Yeah, the playoffs are a mess. So many blatant contradictions and I’m not even mad that we aren’t in.

    A nice capper to yesterday would be having to play UCF in the bowl game. Or send the coaching staff.


  12. Yeah, recruiting national champs! Unfortunately, even that will go away if Smart keeps building this negative history. Top recruits will see it and recruiters will use it against us.


    • Oh good grief. We lost to the #1 team in the country by 7 points when no one had been within 3 TDs of them all year. The only coach in the SEC who can use the record against us is Nick Saban. I don’t see Boom, Gus, Orangeneck, Corch, or anyone else walking into a recruit’s living room and saying, “Come here because Kirby can’t win the big one.”

      I guess last year’s SEC championship and Rose Bowl don’t count as big wins in your mind.


  13. Dawgy1

    According to the Committee their quest has always been to select the 4 best teams….that lie was just exposed


  14. CB

    Makes no sense to rank Oklahoma ahead of us but not Ohio State.


    • I think the committee was truly down to Georgia and Oklahoma for the #4 spot. When they unveiled the rankings and ND was at #3, I knew we were out because the committee wasn’t going to put Bama and UGA in a rematch in the semifinals. Ohio State was clearly the odd team out at 6. I think the 29-point bed soiling at Purdue and the near face plant at Maryland were bridges too far for the committee after Oklahoma beat a more highly regarded Texas earlier in the day.

      The rationale ended up deserving over best to prevent the rematch and to maintain the status quo. Until ND joins a conference (i.e., never), this is going to be the committee’s problem when the Irish are undefeated or have 1 quality loss. Politically, there’s no way they are going to leave 3 P5 champions out.


      • CB

        I don’t have a problem not getting in after losing two games and not being a conference champion. I just think to cover their asses the committee should have ranked us behind both one loss P5 champions.


        • Why? The Suckeyes’ regular season loss was worse than ours and our loss in the SECCG probably neutralized their win over NWern who lost to Buster Brown and Akron. I’ll take being ranked above Corch and his domestic abuse enabling Buckeyes any day of the week.

          Frankly, I don’t even understand why they publish a top 25 on the last weekend.

          The AP and Coaches polls will be the only ones to release a final ranking after the bowl games and CFP.


          • CB

            I’m more mad about the fake punt than the playoff selection. Got our ass kicked in BR and blew the game against a backup qb yesterday. Life ain’t fair dude. We trolled ourselves by losing two games without winning the conference. Simple as that.

            As far as rankings go idgaf about rankings unless we’re in the top 4. My point is the committee would have shown at least some measure of consistency by ranking us behind both one loss conference champions.


  15. Chopdawg

    Subjectivity still involved in choosing the 8-team playoff field, for sure!–but the subjectivity involves UCF and Washington, instead of UGA, Ohio St & Oklahoma. Big difference IMHO.


    • CB

      Perhaps, but that being the case Bama and Georgia would have both been playing all backups yesterday. Which would actually be a hilarious middle finger to the moronic, money grab, championship games.


  16. Almighytmc1

    Hey guys, I am lifelong Bama fan and most of us believe the Bulldogs can beat any/all of the playoff teams. You guys are flat out that damn good. .the commitee got it wrong.