“Two years ago, I was in the Nick Saban witness protection program…”

Only Maryland could be excited about hiring a head coach with a resume like this:

Locksley’s only other head coaching job ended disastrously when he was fired midseason from New Mexico after accumulating a 2-26 record in just more than two seasons. Locksley also had multiple off-the-field issues.

Before he coached a game at New Mexico, an administrative assistant filed an age and sex discrimination complaint against Locksley with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A few months later, in September 2009, during a coaches meeting following New Mexico’s loss to Air Force, Locksley was accused of punching assistant coach J.B. Gerald in the face. Gerald filed a lawsuit that also alleged New Mexico’s football program had a hostile work environment.

Locksley also had a run-in with a student reporter after the student wrote a column critical of the program. He allegedly confronted the student in an Albuquerque bar and yelled profanities. At the end of his stint at New Mexico, a 19-year-old friend of Locksley’s son was charged with suspicion of driving while intoxicated in a car that was registered to Locksley’s son and wife.

After he was fired by New Mexico in 2011, Locksley returned to Maryland as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He went 1-5 as the Terrapins’ interim coach in 2015, bringing his career head coaching record to 3-31, but he was considered for the permanent job after the season concluded.

He’s a prolific recruiter in the DC area, so there’s that.  When you add it all up, he’s Ron Zook with baggage.

Oh, and this should bode well for his boss:

According to multiple people with knowledge of the situation, the process created friction between Locksley and Evans, who was the athletic department’s second-in-command at the time. Evans faced pressure to hire Locksley this time, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the process.

Helluva joint you’re running there, Damon.  On the bright side, at least there’s a distraction from the McNair disaster.


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14 responses to ““Two years ago, I was in the Nick Saban witness protection program…”

  1. Paul

    Well apparently Tech feels like they need to replace a jerk with another jerk. I mean, it’s working for them, right? Why change now?


  2. Uglydawg.

    Makes no sense. There has to be an up-side to this guy to get hired at Maryland. That he recruits the DC area well isn’t much.
    He must have pictures of Damon doing something really bad..


  3. And, the DC area is just decent -not great – for high school football.


  4. ChiliDawg

    Why they hired this guy instead of giving the job to Canada is a mystery….

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  5. Jared S.

    I wager he doesn’t coach a single game. Watch Evans and Locksley be out before next fall.


  6. Dolly Llama

    I’d say getting punched in the face qualifies as a hostile work environment.


  7. Doug

    I thought that most schools had figured out by now that great recruiter doesn’t automatically mean great coach, but apparently Maryland still hasn’t gotten the memo. (Maybe it was stapled to the memo that said “don’t cover for coaches who get their players killed.”)

    What a joke that program is.


  8. Mayor

    Damon Evans is STILL the AD at Maryland? I thought he was supposed to be shown the door along with Durkin because he was part of the cover-up. And they are actually considering hiring Mike Locksley? Maryland is really in a mess and it’s not getting any better. Pity the innocent Maryland players.


  9. Texas Dawg

    The Saban witness protection and reputation rehab center seems to have worked for Kiffin and Locksley (an many others I’m sure). I wonder how worn out the knees on Hugh Freeze pants are after groveling in front of old Nick trying to gain entry to his potential salvation.


  10. Harold Miller

    Why do a keep expecting to see Greg Byrne to show up in a commercial for “Tide House – a rehab program and facility for wayward coaches”?


  11. UGA '97

    Saban/Bama is a bad coach’s version of Last Chance U.


  12. Cousin Eddie

    So the guys that wanted to keep a coach the rest of the free world thought should have been fired made the decision to bring in Locksley? That should have been a sign to them they don’t have a clue what they are doing.