A rising tide…

Jimmy Sexton’s First Rule of Negotiations:  When you don’t have to pay some of the help, that money’s still gotta go somewhere.

Then again, maybe the coaching’s gotten that much better in the last ten years.



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3 responses to “A rising tide…

  1. Michael L. Murphy

    For the pay they receive, it better have…:)



  2. Harold Miller

    Running Backs Coach has gotten to be a pretty sweet gig.


  3. TV revenue,especially in the SEC has helped the coaches cause, better crootin’,better student athletes, better facilities, better schemes could have made coaches better? just look at the trail grantham, chavis,schottenheimer not to mention the laner (at bama) have blazed (financially)……..we paid todd to stay at UGA, i don’t question, the end result was the answer……GO DAWGS!