Musical palate cleanser, for medicinal purposes only edition

Today, you’re being treated to one of my more favorite video clips, truly a surreal moment in rock music, Tom Jones covering David Crosby’s “Long Time Gone”, backed by… CSN&Y.

What slays me when I watch this is the look on Crosby’s face as he watches Jones sing the song as only Jones can.  Now there’s a man functioning on a massive quantity of ingested drugs.  How massive?  Only he and his supplier could say for sure.  (And, yeah, Neil Young looks like he might have shared Crosby’s stash.)


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16 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, for medicinal purposes only edition

  1. Chapindawg

    Yes, but why did this ever occur???? Was this from the the Tom Jones show?


      • TimberRidgeDawg

        Woodstock and Tom Jones in ’69.,,, that makes sense

        I’m bit horrified actually… not so much that CSNY appeared on Tom Jones but that they gave him a mike and let him sing. This from the band that produced the most iconic protest songs of the Vietnam era.

        At least it wasn’t CSNY backing Tom on “It’s not Unusual”. So there’s that.


  2. Salty Dawg

    What a treat for the eyes and ears! The clothes! Tom’s mic! I enjoyed the throw back visit! Thanks, Senator!


  3. It’s always hard for me to watch Stephen Stills because of his teeth, or lack of them. It’s amazing Crosby was able to find his way to the mic when it was time to harmonize.


  4. Texas Dawg

    It appears they were no longer experimenting with drugs but had moved on into full scale research.


  5. Huntindawg

    I say this a couple of times a year and I’ll say it again: You need to start a music blog. Almost every time you post something I either learn something new or I’m reminded of a song/band that I used to love and haven’t listened to in forever.

    Maybe if I keep that wheel squeaky?


  6. Opelikadawg

    I am shocked, shocked to hear that David Crosby was using illegal narcotics.


  7. Harold Miller

    You know what would have been cool? If they had ever done that song with Marvin Gaye or Ray Charles, if that is out there, I would like to see it.


  8. John Bird Daniel

    My family and I saw Mr. Jones at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years back when he opened for Sir Van Morrison. He still has the pipes, just doesn’t have the moves.
    Mr. Young was buzzed in that video!


  9. Greg

    Yes indeed, Crosby had that “Jeff Spicoli” look. Tom Jones was great in his prime….underrated imo.


  10. Russ

    Not really a CSNY fan, but Tom has some pipes. Saw him a couple of times back about 20 years ago and the man puts on a helluva show. As someone said, Tom sings every song like it’s the last time he’ll ever sing it.

    Great video. I love that they were actually playing live instead of lip-synching. I’ll have to look up Tom Jones Show videos. If he had half the guests that Johnny Cash had, it could be another gold mine.


  11. The Dawg abides