Meanwhile, at Auburn

Math iz hard.

When Asa Martin came in for one kick return and one carry in the Mississippi State game, his chance to redshirt the 2018 season was officially burned.

It was the fifth game Martin, a freshman, played in — though members of the Auburn coaching staff were unaware of that when Martin was sent into the game, according to Martin’s mother, Sharay Harris, in an interview with

She said Auburn coaches talked to her and Martin’s father, Rakesk Martin, about redshirting their son, after the Mississippi State game — even though she’d made it known to Auburn’s offensive coordinator before that game that another appearance would use up his freshman eligibility.

The NCAA’s new redshirt policy allows student-athletes to compete in up to four football games in a given season without losing a year of eligibility. Once they’ve entered a fifth game, that year of eligibility has been used.

Auburn coaches seemingly thought the Mississippi State game was Martin’s fourth appearance, thus preserving his option to redshirt this season and preserve his eligibility. The fact was they were wrong.

“I had already reached out to the coaching staff to question about his redshirt before he played in the Mississippi State game, because I knew he had already played four games,” Harris said.

…  After Martin’s play was limited in that MSU game, Harris said she had another conversation with a member of Auburn’s coaching staff.

“After the Mississippi State game is when another assistant coach said that he wanted to redshirt Asa,” Harris said. “At this point, he had played five games.”

“… I’m just blown away, because Asa and I and his dad already knew that Asa’s redshirt had already been burned in the Mississippi State game.”

Harris wouldn’t say which assistant coach spoke to her about that. She did say that an Auburn offensive assistant coach spoke to Rakesk Martin after the Tennessee game one week later, and Rakesk made that coach realize the redshirt was burned.

“We, his parents, made them see after they burned it that they had already burned it,” Harris said. “They still wasn’t like — they didn’t acknowledge the fact that they had burned it. It was like they didn’t know. Like what do you mean you don’t know?”

I had no idea Reggie Ball was working at Auburn.

And here’s the part you can expect to be revisited on the recruiting trail.

There are questions that Harris still wants to have answered. She said she has received responses to her correspondences with coaches, but nothing that answers her how this mistake happened.

“That made me realize that they didn’t have his best interest at heart,” Harris said. “That’s what it made me realize because there’s no way, again, at a D1 college that every stat, every play for play, every time you even take a snap that it’s not recorded.”

She said Martin, her son, has been “frustrated throughout this whole season” with how this has been handled. She’s concerned about other kids — especially ones without a strong support system — who could have this situation repeated with them.

“I don’t know if this could hurt Asa or help him,” Harris said. “But I feel some type of way because Asa has a support system. What about the kids that doesn’t have a support system? And you, like, to mislead these kids, I feel like it’s so wrong and somebody has to take a stand and speak up for them. I don’t wanna hurt my son in any type of way, but at the same time, it’s not OK to mislead these kids.”

If mama ain’t happy…

Martin isn’t looking to transfer despite the mishap, according to his mother.

“That’s not the conversation,” Harris said about transferring. “The conversation is, I just wanna know the basic question about this whole redshirt situation, and how they’re going forward with not just Asa but with other players.”

This is why she decided to put her complaint on the record, for everyone to know about.

“Nobody is acknowledging it,” Harris said. “Nobody is taking the blame for it. And nobody is acting like it ever existed.”

You know the punchline already, right?  Martin got off the Gus Bus at the next stop.


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30 responses to “Meanwhile, at Auburn

  1. Olde Dawg


    Please don’t leave. We can redshift you next year.



  2. Olde Dawg

    Redshirt. How do so turn off auto-spell?


  3. Olde Dawg

    What is redshift any way?


    • Trbodawg

      Something to do with Astronomy . . . Here it is. . . the displacement of spectral lines toward longer wavelengths (the red end of the spectrum) in radiation from distant galaxies and celestial objects. This is interpreted as a Doppler shift that is proportional to the velocity of recession and thus to distance.


      • Doug

        He’s definitely putting some distance between himself and Auburn at light speed. So I think “redshifting” holds up.


  4. Salty Dawg

    Good for her for speaking out! I hope all works out for Asa.



    Sounds like AU wanted him gone, mission accomplished.


  6. Macallanlover

    The rule some judicial discretion in cases like this. Makes no sense that playing four full games is interpreted the same as a hand full of plays scattered over five games. Don’t know who should track it but a set number of plays might be a better way….never mind, then we would have to trust Auburn and TN’s numbers…and integrity.

    Should be overturned by the NCAA if he didn’t play after that 5th game.imo.


  7. Spike

    “Support system”? does that mean their parents?


  8. $upport $y$tem @ the$h&


  9. dawgfan

    We screwed up and played Soloman Kindley one play against Missouri in 2016 but managed to save his redshirt somehow. The barn probably just wants this kid to move on.


  10. Uglydawg.

    Asa had to know what it meant when they let him dress out for the game…he should have spoken up then, and he should have spoken up when he was told to go in.
    Not that that excuses the coaches.
    Either it’s as PTC and dawgfan say, and it was a way to get the kid to leave, or they re grossly negligent to the point that it should disturb the parents of current recruiting targets.
    Bottom line is it’s just more smoldering smoke from the dumpster.


  11. Uglydawg.

    BTW..almost forgot to mention the brilliant reference to our favorite GT QB. That’s two in less than a week! Just hope Reggie will be able to count the Yellow Jackets’ victory totals for the next few years without getting hitting his counting ceiling.


  12. All in. Warm Beagle.


  13. Milledge Hall

    Great thread Senator!
    After reading your insightful analysis above, I went to the Bodda Getta (whatever the hell THAT is??) blog site and looked at what the East Alabama Reform School inmates had to say about this Guserism.
    Had to wade through to find a non-VIP thread. Totally hilarious!!
    Don’t know which dumpster fire is burning brighter, Tennessee or Auburn.
    Probably Auburn. Tennessee beat ’em.


    • Uglydawg.

      Good question about the dumpster fires. Tennessee thought their’s was about out until their throw away season became a living nightmare with a curb stomping in Nashville. If Pruitt doesn’t show significant progress this year, that smoldering dumpster will flare back up and he’ll be on the hot seat in 2020. Lucky for him, Kyle Shurmer is graduating
      Gus has already felt the heat..that dumpster is burning a little hotter than the Vols’ is right now.
      I hope they both become full blown conflagrations over the next 10 months or so.


  14. ApalachDawg

    So what momma is saying is…
    We had a contract dispute after the 5th game.
    We wanted a raise, Auburn (um the Bag man) said no. So Momma said, my boy ain’t playing no more and if you don’t reconsider by the end of the year, I’m going to perform a scorched earth on the way out the barn door…


  15. WarD Eagle

    The story goes that he came in for a play, play was stopped, he came out, and that was it for that game.

    Somehow that participation was discounted.

    Methinks Gus needs some organizational controls.


  16. 69Dawg

    I’m not going to make accusations against Auburn but if I’m the NCAA I’m going to audit their participation reports closely. Sounds like it may not have been a “mistake” at all. How many other Freshman played over the 4 game limit and just didn’t have Auburn counting? I never liked Auburn.


  17. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Late to this conversation, but had to post this