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I’m not one to follow recruiting too closely…

… but even I have to admit this seems kinda like a big deal.

Sam Pittman, as I keep saying, is a wizard.


UPDATE:  And here to set the record straight…

“Only in Alabama”.  There are a lot of people who feel like that, I’m guessing.


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Raiding the staff

According to Football Scoop, Mel Tucker wants some familiar faces to follow him to Colorado.

Jay Johnson, who was on staff the past two seasons at Georgia, is expected to join Tucker’s staff as offensive coordinator source tells FootballScoop. Johnson, who previously served as offensive coordinator at Minnesota and Louisiana Lafayette, served as an offensive analyst / quality control at Georgia.

As for his defensive coordinator, sources tell FootballScoop Tucker offered the position to Georgia outside linebackers coach Dan Lanning. Lanning strongly considered the offer; but after quite some time, we’re told he has decided to turn down the opportunity. We truly understand this was back and forth and back and forth. All indications at this time are that the deal isn’t going to happen; but stranger things have.

Hope that’s all.


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Five more years

Jeez, this is depressing“The contract extension further solidifies the BOG’s confidence in Emmert…”

They’re about the only ones.


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Musical palate cleanser, way too young edition

The late, great Otis Redding, gone way too soon.


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Adventures in Dawgrading, ctd.

You know, it takes real skill to discuss the subject of whether what happened in the SECCG affected Tua’s chances to win the Heisman without mentioning Georgia by name.


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The Gus Bus gets a new (pseudo) driver.

Sounds like Mahzahn had to dig deep for this one.

Auburn has hired Memphis offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham to the same position, the team announced Sunday night.

Dillingham, 29, replaces Chip Lindsey, who recently left Auburn to become offensive coordinator at Kansas under new coach Les Miles. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn will be the team’s primary offensive playcaller in 2019, according to a news release, although both Dillingham and co-offensive coordinator Kodi Burns will be involved.  [Emphasis added.]

Gus had to turn to a 29-year old when Hugh Freeze decided the Liberty job was more attractive and when South Carolina’s running backs coach (!) turned down Auburn’s generous offer to carry Malzahn’s water.

Between this and Stidham’s early departure for the NFL, it’s already shaping up to be a banner year on the Plains.


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“Casual atmosphere. Great football and great conversation.”

Here’s an interesting article about how Texas schools use their football suites to lobby all manner of folks.  Is it effective?  Well, this yabbo says, nah.

The disclosure requirement is similar for appointees, like those that serve on the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Board, which must sign off on new academic programs offered by state universities. A few of the board’s nine members have been invited to watch games from chancellors’ or presidents’ suites over the last three years — including at UH, which had plans for a medical school recently approved by the board. A&M and Tech, which are jockeying over whether Tech should be allowed to open a new vet school, have also hosted board members and commissioner Raymund Paredes, as has UT-Austin.

Paredes and contacted board members said the invitations have no influence on decisions they make at the agency.

“Absolutely not,” said the commissioner, a sentiment echoed by other board members.

Sure, pal, whatever you say.  That must be why all the schools keep spending money to wine and dine folks like you.


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Lede of the day

Let me just say starting an article about the Hugh Freeze hiring with “Hugh Freeze turned on his cellphone last week after one of his many flights landed and saw a text message…” is about as inspired as it gets.

Well played, .  Well played, indeed.


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“Where is that fire?”

By the way, the article from which I lifted that photo gracing the prior post actually has this to say:

SEC legend Tim Tebow has been right about Georgia football most of the season…

Griffith gives two whole examples of Tim Tebow, soothsayer.  One, Fromm would bounce back after the LSU loss, and two, Justin Fields “could ultimately be an answer” in short-yardage situations.  The first was something Tebow was hardly alone in predicting and the second never really came to pass in any sort of ultimate way.

Here’s my example of Tebow’s astute analysis of Georgia this season.

Boy, he sure nailed that one, didn’t he?

Needless to say, I’m taking Tebow’s faux concern about Georgia’s mental preparation for the bowl game with a grain of salt.  I’m guessing Deandre Baker is, too.


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Name that caption, this is just wrong edition

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby… what are you doing?


Is Tebow laughing with him, or at him?  Sheesh.


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